Deacon’s Touch by Callie Croix

Title:Deacon’s Touch
Author:Callie Croix
Genre: Erotica
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4 sighs

Review –

When Jessica agrees to go to the Dumen Ranch for Bridgette’s bachelorette party she never expected to meet a man like Deacon. Jessica envisioned a quiet weekend enjoying the outdoors and having some fun with the girls but after meeting Deacon those are the last things on her mind. Will Jessica find the fun she longs for this weekend or will she let it pass her by?

I really enjoyed meeting Deacon and Jessica. Deacon is a strong man inside and out. He may be a little battle scarred but Jessica sees past that to the man that Deacon truly is. Jessica is a confident woman who loves with all her heart. The two make a wonderful couple. Watching their relationship grow made for a great read. There is so much depth and emotion through out their story. The love that they show for each other shines through in everything that they do even as they try to fight it. Deacon is such a good man and tries so hard to fight his feelings for Jessica all because he thinks he is not worthy of someone like her. I loved seeing both Jessica and Deacon ready to fight for their love and never give up on it.

Callie Croix does a great job of bringing these characters and their world to life. This book grabbed me right from the very first page and had me glued to my seat turning the pages and hoping that Jessica and Deacon would find their happy ever after.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks


Title: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Sighs: 4 sighs

So what if he’s a bit older and usually regards a human female as dinner, not a dinner date? Yes, Roman Draganesti is a vampire, but a vampire who lost one of his fangs sinking his teeth into something he shouldn’t have. Now he has one night to find a dentist before his natural healing abilities close the wound, leaving him a lop–sided eater for all eternity.
Things aren’t going well for Shanna Whelan either…After witnessing a gruesome murder by the Russian mafia, she’s next on their hit list. And her career as a dentist appears to be on a downward spiral because she’s afraid of blood. When Roman rescues her from an assassination attempt, she wonders if she’s found the one man who can keep her alive. Though the attraction between them is immediate and hot, can Shanna conquer her fear of blood to fix Roman’s fang? And if she does, what will prevent Roman from using his fangs on her…
Shanna is funny and witty. She’s the modern day woman. Roman is rich, powerful, and caring. The modern alpha. I’m not usually a fan of category tropes, (like the misunderstanding plotline and a momentarily TSTL heroine who wanders off when she knows killers are after her just because she’s mad at the hero).
A few other things bothered me too.
The hero said “God’s blood” so many times in just the first two chapters, I wanted to rip my eyeballs out and throw them at him.
Also in the first two chapters, his chemist fidgets with his buttons until I want to pop them all off and shove them down his throat. However, at least he fiddles all the buttons off his coat, which is funny enough to offset some of the annoyance.
Despite all that, I really loved this book. Funny, sexy, and sweet, with great struggles between the hero and heroine and some classic lines. Four sighs.

Dustin’s Gamble by J.J. Ranger

Dustin's Gamble

Title: Dustin’s Gamble
Author: J.J. Ranger
Genre: erotica
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Sighs: 4 sighs

Review –

It has been years since Shannon has been back to the Dumen Ranch. Even all those years when she returned home to she never dared to come back to the ranch. Always afraid of the pain that a visit would bring she avoided the ranch and more importantly Dustin Dumen every visit home but now she is back and must not only deal with her past but her Grandmothers passing as well.

I have loved each and every one of my visits to the Dumen Ranch and this visit was no different. Shannon and Dustin are a great couple. Shannon is an independent woman who loves with all her heart and Dustin is a strong man who tries to give Shannon the room she needs to make her own choices. Even after all these years apart the love is still strong between Shannon and Dustin but misunderstandings and their past may keep them apart. I loved watching the two rekindle their relationship and seeing them try to work through it all was a wonderful read. This is a fast paced story full of strong emotions that pulls the reader in right from the start. Not only do we get a hot read but we also get a beautiful romance with this book.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

The Haunted Spring by Anthony Diesso


Title: The Haunted Spring
Author: Anthony Diesso
Genre: Contemporary with Paranormal Elements
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Sighs: 5 sighs


Jay Bennett, a comfortably maladjusted man in his early 20’s, finds Anna LaMonica knocking on his apartment door, looking for someone else. Seeing more of each other, however, they quickly fall in love. After overcoming an extended separation, as well as hostile family and friends, they marry and begin a new life together.

But Anna’s sudden death during childbirth leaves Jay to watch over their infant, born premature and requiring an extensive hospital stay. Grief-stricken, helpless, and alone, he is tormented by apparitions of his lost wife, recalling their love and ruined hopes. These apparitions, at times horrifying, at others pathetic, yet others darkly alluring, threaten to crack loose his grip on reality. Attempting to overcome such frightening occurrences, he struggles to piece together his life, to pull some sanity and hope out of the world around him, and to become a good father to his newborn son.


Jay is a quirky and funny guy who is making his way through life as best he can when Anna knocks on his door and disrupts his life. He finds himself in the midst of a courtship whirlwind and his staid and almost boring life changes drastically. With a pregnant wife, he prepares to settle into the new world of father and husband, but life throws him another monkey wrench. Instead of finishing the nursery and welcoming a healthy newborn, his wife dies, his son ends up in the NICU, and his sanity is tested by ghostly visitations.

Mr. Diesso’s debut is full of romance, humor, and emotion. His writing is almost like poetry at times, it’s so beautiful. His characters are real and honest, even when they make mistakes. All in all, I would recommend this book, and it’s made its way to my keeper pile, for sure.

The Haunted Spring is the hauntingly beautiful and achingly sweet story of a man who loves a woman so much he can’t let her go, even when she’s gone. I really loved this story and if I could give it six sighs, I would. 5 sighs.


Under a Rodeo Moon by Roni Adams

Title: Under a Rodeo Moon
Author: Roni Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Sighs: 4 sighs

Carrie Montgomery has given up her life of luxury to chase down bull rider, Dusty Wulfsen, who she walked out on. She sells her fancy car, gives up her home and takes a job as a waitress in a town she knows he’ll be coming to soon.

Dusty is literally thrown to his butt when he sees the woman who tore him up sitting in the stands when he makes his ride. What is Carrie doing in Wayback, Texas? She was supposed to be married to some rich guy and living large. At least that’s what she told him when she gave him an ultimatum that he refused six months ago.

Under a Rodeo Moon was a delightful, romantic read. Carrie is one determined lady, but her softness comes through. She gives up a lot to show her cowboy she means business. Dusty is one hot bull rider that I fell in love with right away. The story is fresh, the characters strong, and the ending satisfying.

I highly recommend Ms. Adams’ Under a Rodeo Moon, and suggest you get your copy and settle in for a real cowboy ride!

By: Callie Hutton,
Author: Oklahoma Lovers Series

Dane’s Restraint by J.J. Ranger

Title: Dane’s Restraint
Author: J.J. Ranger
Genre: Erotica
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Sighs: 4 sighs

Review –

Tired of being the shy and quiet one Sara decides that she is going to let loose at her cousin’s bachelorette party this weekend. When she meets Dane she throws all caution to the wind and hopes for the best. Only things may not go as easy as Sara plans when her ex boyfriend decides he wants her back. As if she doesn’t have enough to worry about as she tries her luck at seducing one hot cowboy.

I really enjoyed this story. Dane is a good man. He may not be looking for love and someone to settle down with but it looks as if love has found him. I loved Sara; she is a strong woman when she needs to be. Watching Sara find her self as she begins to try to seduce Dane was a great read. The two make a wonderful couple. The sparks ignite right from the beginning and seeing them grow into so much more as the story goes on made for a nice read. Not only do Sara and Dane burn up the pages but they also find love. This author does a wonderful job of bringing the Dumen Ranch and its inhabitants to life. Making the reader feel as if they are visiting family not just characters in a book. This fast paced read grabbed my attention right from the start and kept it all the way to the end. I enjoyed my visit to the ranch and hope that I get to visit again sometime soon.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Bull At The Gate by Tricia Jones

Title: Bull At The Gate

Author: Tricia Jones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sighs: 5

Reviewed by: Jeanette

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A very good book! It has love and sorrow,betrayal , suggestive sex, a good plot and very well written. I found it a lot like real life romance. I recommend this book a great deal!

Dee owned a whimsical shop in a small town. She believed strongly in loyalty and protecting her town from harm.

Alex was a business man who loved two things. Making money and his daughter.

Alex had never met a woman as irritating as Dee. She was feisty and got on his last nerve and he wanted her. He didn’t like her but had to have her. Dee didn’t like Alex either and hated how attracted she was to him. They fought over everything,then kissed as if they couldn’t stand not too. It didn’t help they had different values or that every time they were near each other they had to touch. And then they got mad all over again. The sale of the Fairy Gate was their main reason to fight. They could not reach an impasse . He was willing she was not. Then a secret came out as to who really owned the land the Fairy gate . Can they overcome lies and greed and finally allow themselves to just love.

R.A.V.E.N. by Rebecca Sue Cline

Title: R.A.V.E.N.  (Book 1 in the Vampire Eradication Network Series)

Author: Rebecca Sue Cline

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sighs: 5

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Wonderful book as a first in a series. You will want to get the next one. Well written,great cover,and great story. You won’t want to put it down.

Raven works for a recon network called VEN,the vampire eradication Network. They hunt vampires and vamp cults and destroy them. They only kill vamps who feed and kill victims. She meets Kael who saves her from vampires. But then starts it all.

Neither Raven or Kael are what they seem and they keep it away from each other.They drug each other,steal information from each other and love each other. Both are Alpha types,both not full human both kill vamps. They get caught up into a huge nest of vamps and with others kill as many as they can. Raven discovers her lost brother who turns out to be a vampire with a large nest of followers. Can she trust anyone? Can she protect her heart? Can she trust Kael? And can she trust her brother. She works hard and has no life of her own but Kael is going to change that and fast. Just once she wants to be able to love and trust someone.

I very highly recommend this book!

A Hunter’s Angel by Cera DuBois

Title: A Hunter’s Angel (Book 1 of The Hunter’s Dagger Series)

Author: Cera DuBois

Sighs: 5

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Reviewed by:Jeanette (WykedFairie)

I loved this book! It is well written. Has a great story. The people in the book are so much fun to watch getting to their love for each other even though it was not the way the hero wanted.

Grace was a town sheriff who used to work in a large city . She had solved a major murder and when her father died she became the sheriff of the small town she grew up in. And now there seemed to be a copy cat murder in her town.

Ian was with the FBI and he and Grace had worked together before and had loved before. And now history was repeating it’s self. But he would not give in to his feelings for Grace. To do so would and could hurt her in many ways.

Grace had another murder. It was so far following a murder she had just solved in another town. The killer was slashing the throats of his victims  and taking their blood. She couldn’t figure out how he took all the blood and never left a trace. The FBI had to be called in and to her anguish Ian , the man she loved and could not forget was one of the officers they had sent. Both couldn’t imagine how they would work together again.  But they had to. Ian could not stand to see her with another man,although he knew she had the right to have a new life. She didn’t want any other man but had to show him she could survive without him.

When Ian could take it no more he decided he had to tell her what was going on and what he was. Will she still love him or walk away. Will she even live to decide. But he had to tell her to save her, then he may have to walk away again.

I could not reveal more than this or I would have told you everything about this book. I so enjoyed this book and recommend it to every paranormal romance lover.



Charming Dave by Doreen Alsen

Title:Charming Dave

Author: Doreen Alsen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sighs: 5

Buy Link:…/AlsenDoreenCharmingDave/1.html

This was a really good book. It touched on a few different things not usually seen in a romance book. It was well written and thought out. I recommend it very highly.

Ainslie was a single mother who was starting her life over after surviving a corrupt husband who stole millions of friends and others money. She moved to protect her three children so they could lead a normal life.

Dave  was the school principal and at first thought Ainslie as a bad waitress and very clumsy. Until he met her at his school regarding her son. One look into her eyes and seeing her smile and he was a goner. He finally was able to get her to go out with him . And the more he got to know her the closer they became and fell in love. He came to love her three children as his own and wanted to protect them from all hurt the same as he wanted to protect Ainslie.

But her children got into some trouble at school or with other students. Her oldest daughter got into the wrong crowd and she dated the star player on the football team. When he tried to basically hurt her and force her to have sex her, brother went to the school and hit  him. The football player had his friends help  beat up Rourk ,the brother , and hurt him very bad.

This book brooch’s on  a lot of topics. Such as a young teenage boy letting those he loves know he’s gay, students being bullies both in school and by phone and internet. Love and the way single mothers have to be sure the man they love can be accepting of her children.

Areally good read for all.