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Betraying The Prince by Debra Kayn

Title: Betraying The Prince
Author: Debra Kayn
Genre: Romance
Buy Link : Betraying the Prince

4 sighs
I enjoyed this book very much! A very sweet love story!

Royal  Princess Celina was sent to America by her father the Prince of Antaka. She’d had an American mother who had ran off with another man . That romance had produced Celina and the Princess raised her as his own. Celina had been told her mother had been stoned to death by the Prince by everyone.

As she comes to America her plans to run away and return to Antaka changed when she fell in love with her guardian’s son Drake. She experienced love,freedom and the joys of being a woman with him. But when she overhears what she thinks is betrayal she runs back home to Antaka where she learns her mother is not dead,deceit comes in many forms. The love of a mother is never ending no matter the circumstances. And true love and her fathers love is forever.

Trois by Em Petrova

Title: Trois
Author: Em Petrova
Genre: Erotica Romance (F/M/F)
Buy Link: Trois (The French Kiss Chronicles)

sighs: 4

When Ethan discovers his wife is dipping in the honey jar,he demands a taste of the decadent pleasure.

Margot was Jane’s best friend when they became lovers. Jane is married to Ethan a sexy loving man. Jane feel in love with Margot when they became lover’s. Margot has some secrets she does not want he lover to find out about.One night Ethan comes home early as a surprise for Jane and discovers Jane and Margot together. Margot’s greatest fear for her lover has happened. Jane tries to convince Margot to stat but Margot runs away. Jane gets Margot secret out and discovers Margot has a fear of men. Jane and Ethan decide Margot is theirs and decide to seduce her when Margot stalker turns up and Ethan will let no man hurt what is his,and Margot belongs to Jane and himself.

Well written and a good read with a sweet romance theme.

The Arcane by Mur Rathbun

Title: The Arcane
Author: Mur Rathbun
Genre: Paranormal romance
Buy Link: The Arcane

Sighs: 4.5 sighs

Review –

This book is a wonderful read with characters full of depth and emotions. Adame is a demon who finds himself summoned to Earth by a witch. Roseline has no idea how she summoned him, let alone how to send him back. Yet she feels drawn to him and wants to protect him as much as she can. The two must work together and find a way for him to get back home before it is to late and the evil he fights gains the upper hand.

Right from the start Adame and Roseline endeared themselves to me. Roseline is more than willing to try and help her coven even after her past mishaps. Adame is a good man who fights for those that he cares for and will do what ever it takes to keep them all safe. The two make a great couple. The bond of trust that begins to form between them was nice and seeing that trust turn to love was a wonderful read. Not only are the main characters entertaining but the secondary characters make an impression as well. I just loved the bantering between Roseline and Ashley when they see Adame wear jeans.

From start to finish this book was entertaining, never a dull moment in it. I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next. The author does a great job of mixing the romance and action together. I would love to see more books from this world, especially with Adame’s brothers and Dakkar.

Reviewer – Gabrielle

Coming Home by Anna James

Title: Coming Home
Author: Anna James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Buy Link: Coming Home

I loved this book !  It is full of twists and turns about love and life! Love lost,family deception,reunions ,and love lost, love that survives thru all kinds of deceptions.

Christine finds her sister in her lovers arms and runs away. Her sister hates her and tells the one lie that Christine cannot forgive or forget. Christine has know all her life her sister and mother hated her but had no idea how far that hate went.

When Christine returns and decides to finally find out the truth about what really happened the night she ran away. She has also a surprise for her father who had also lost the love of his life long ago.

Both father and daughter had been lied to and hurt by the ones they loved both in romance and family. But have no idea how they have been cheated by the ones they thought loved them. They both find that hate is the other side of love.

The surprise Christine brings home with her will change the lives of both her and her father.

This is a great read ,with mild sex, a freshness to the story that I loved a great deal.

The book is extremely well written. Great Characters and a great love story! I really like the way it goes to the heart of the couples and doesn’t let you know what to expect from them.

5… sighs

Bound to Moonlight by Nina Croft

Title: Bound to Moonlight

Author: Nina Croft

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Buy Link: Bound To Moonlight (Sisters of the Moon)

Sighs: 3 sighs

Review: Bound to Moonlight written by Nina Croft

Reviewed by: Teri Harmon

I enjoyed this novel written by Nina Croft. I give it three sighs. I would recommend it to other people to read and I would like to read other books by her. You can check out her personal information and learn more about her at her facebook page which the address is:!/profile.php?id=100000273215409&sk=wall.

The story Bound by Moonlight is about Anya a young lady, who was taken and cared for by the Agency, a facility that deals with the paranormal and research. Along the way she meets up with Sebastian Quinn who is a werewolf. You get to see a glimpse of the fear of the wolf pack in being hunted and destroyed because they are different. Anya, whose job it is to come back with Sebastian Quinn meets him and begins to be intrigued. Along the way he saves her life which helps him to save himself and his family. This is Book Two of the Sisters of the Moon Series. I suggest that if you like this book, you may want to go back and purchase the first one as well. This way you can get the entire family in your reading.

You can contact Wild Rose Press directly if you would like to purchase the story, go to your local book store or

Review of Bound to Moonlight written by Nina Croft and reviewed by Teri Harmon.docx

by Teri Harmon

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In the Cards By Cynthia Selwyn

Title: In the Cards
Author: Cynthia Selwyn
Genre: Erotic contemporary romance
Buy link: In the Cards
4 sighs

Alexandrea Taylor is a romance writer. At a conference she’s asked by her editor to write erotica. Alex doesn’t think she knows how. She certainly can’t imagine how to begin when she can’t even say certain words. Her editor gives her a deck of cards to loosen her up some and help her imagination along.

Then comes Zack O’Connor, Mr. Luscious. Zack, a long time friend is thee alpha male, the one man on which Alex has based her every hero.

Zack, rugged, gorgeous cowboy, turns heads to be sure, but Zack isn’t interested in being a boy toy. He wants one woman, has wanted her for as long as he can remember.

Platonic friends Alex and Zack are sharing a room. Alex can let her hair down with this guy. She tells him her problem. There’s big money in store, but how is she supposed to write up an erotic outline, when she hasn’t got a clue as to where to start. Yes, she has these cards, but…

Zack is willing to help out his friend and Alex agrees that a few days of sex play should do the trick. They are both adults and it’s only sex, after all. What could go wrong?

Ms. Selwyn has the crowds of women at the conference breathless as they watch this man either walk through their midst or work a horse. Equally she leaves the reader as breathless as the fantasy carries them through a playful romp packed full of delicious sexual fun.

A page turner of steamy, sex runs through much of the story and causes the reader some breathless moments as we watch two people fall in love. You won’t be sorry if you pick up this one up. One question. Where the heck can I find this guy?

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane

Second Chances by Tess St. John

Title: Second Chances
Author: Tess St. John
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Buy Link: Second Chances (Chances Are Series)
Sighs: 4

A terrified Lady Emma Easton is watching her beloved husband die.  Even though he is old enough to be her grandfather, Harmon is the man who saved her from the clutches of her treacherous father, Stephen Kerr, when she was a mere fifteen. 

Lord Harold Drake, a long time Easton family friend, still mourns the young wife who died giving birth to two year old Samantha, his only reason for living.  He and Emma have been friends for the five years she has been Harmon’s wife.  After  Harmon’s death, he discovers her deepest fear, and resolves to protect her from Kerr’s machinations. 

Drake finds his feelings for Emma are beginning to go deeper than rescuer and friend.   When Harmon’s estranged children arrive for the reading of the Will, the unexpected arrival of Emma’s father, and his announcement, throws the family into chaos.  He has literally made Emma his prisoner.  How will Drake protect her with guards watching twenty-four hours a day?

Second Chances is a riveting story of manipulation, fear and love.  Once you pick up the book, it’s not easy to put it down.  The characters are strong and well developed.  The plot is solid.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to Ms. St. John’s next one.
Review by: Callie Hutton
The Old West and Hot Heroes

His Five Favorite Lines by Gina Gordon

Title: His Five Favorite Lines
Author: Gina Gordon
Genre: Contemporary Erotic
Buy Link: His Five Favorite Lines
3 sighs

Coffee, hot sex scenes, and funny, cheesy lines. What more could a girl want? How about some answers to simple questions? The one big problem I had with this story is: why did she forget her attraction for him? How would a week make her decide the hot sex with her crush no longer meant anything? I’m a fan of crushes, and this one left me a little flat at first. The execution was great, but the premise just didn’t get me.
If you’re looking for a sexy read, and you haven’t read the first story, I would recommend this book. If you’ve read the other, I’d just suggest you keep this review in mind. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot.


Cinnamon and Spice by L.K. Below

Title: Cinnamon and Spice
Author: L.K. Below
Genre: Erotic romance
Buy Link:Cinnamon and Spice

I really enjoyed this book. It has steamy scenes of  sensual delight.

Melissa agrees to go out with her geeky co-worker Jack. He is not her type and never did she think of him in a romantic way. She was just lonely and tired of sitting home.

Jack has been in love with Melissa for a long time and has plotted out the perfect seduction. And he finally gets her to say she will go out with him.

From the time he opens the door for his date with Melissa he entices her with a true seduction she has never experienced .

From burning cinnamon candles that makes her very amorous ,a rose and a good meal Melissa gets a seduction she always dreamed of and doesn’t think she wants with Jack.

I wished it had been longer but it did it’s job in the romance department for me.

It was well written short romantic story. I enjoyed the characters and there was a sweetness to it. It could almost be like a real life romance if you like first date romance.

4 …..sighs