Ghillie Duhb by Belladonna Bordeaux

Title: Ghillie Duhb
Author: Belladonna Bordeaux
Genre: Paranormal
Buy Link: Ghillie Duhb
3 Sighs

Funny novel at times and also a sexy read. Avery and Logan go thru a few ups and downs while Logan let’s Avery know she is his mate.

They deal with a best friend who turns out to be not a friend at all.

Logan is a savior for lost children and had met Avery long ago when he saved her when she was lost and finds out he has to wait until she is an adult to claim her.

The book has a lot of surprises in the characters .

I liked this book , as a fun read. It is written well , but I wished it had more “filler” between sex scenes.  I loved the theme of the Ghillie Dhub. And the romance was fun as they became mates. I also enjoyed the other characters  the book has.

So if you just want a fun book with sex then read this one,it is worth the read.



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