Seamless By Tara S. Nichols

Title: Seamless
Author: Tara S. Nichols
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Buy Link: Seamless
4 sighs

This story was a quick and hot read. Tara S. Nichols writes a funny and sweet story all rolled up in one. Geoff is a great character. Feeling unsure of himself he lets his sister make him over so he can be more confident when he asks Bridgette out. As Geoff is composing himself at Bridgette’s door he hears her in distress and runs in to save the day. Bridgette’s distress turns into much more after Geoff’s attempt to save the day but his actions afterwards were not only hilarious but romantic as well. Making most women wish they had such a wonderful man and such a great story to tell about how they actually started dating. This short story was a great introduction to this author. My only complaint would be that it was too short. I would have loved to know more about this couple and their escapades. If you are looking for a great quick read this is one that should not be missed. I know I will be looking for more stories from Tara S. Nichols in the future.


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