The Devil’s Daughter by Suzie Grant

Title: The Devil’s Daughter
Author: Suzie Grant
Genre: Historical Romance – Western
Buy Link: The Devil’s Daughter (The Devil Ryder)
Sighs: 4

Blaze Austin is hiding a secret.  It’s been years since she rode as an outlaw with her father, but no matter where she hides, she knows it’s only a matter of time before he finds her.  When she’s left for dead in San Antonio, the owner of the Broken Circle Ranch, James Ryder, nurses her back to health.  Feeling in his debt, she returns with him to work as a ranch hand.

 Gade Ryder, away from home for twelve years, returns at a summons from his father, James.   Someone is rustling his cattle, and he wants Gade to find out who.  As a bounty hunter, Gade tracks down outlaws all the time.   The only problem is Gade’s been estranged from his father for the twelve years he’s been gone, and still can’t figure out why he answered his father’s summons. 

Gade knows the beautiful ranch hand is hiding something, is most likely involved with the rustlers, and probably having an affair with his father.  But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her, even though he doesn’t trust her. 

In The Devil’s Daughter, Suzie Grant has written a captivating, fast paced story.  The characters are fully developed and the story intriguing.    Although Blaze has an outlaw past, the reader quickly gains sympathy for her.  Gade is strong, and his compelling attraction to a woman he can’t trust drives the story.  An excellent read.  This is the first book in the Devil Ryder series, sure to be a hit.

Callie Hutton
Author of A Run For Love


6 responses to “The Devil’s Daughter by Suzie Grant

  1. Blaze is an intriguing heroine. Ms. Grant does a very nice job of pulling the reader into her story. These are real people with real problems, but they triumph over hardship. The love between the heroine and hero has time to develop, which is something I appreciate in a romance.

  2. I loved this one, too, and can’t wait for the next!

  3. I was totally drawn in by Blaze. I love her!! Great book.

  4. Thanks ladies for stopping by and thanks Callie for the review. So glad someone enjoyed the story, it was one of my first and has a special place in my heart. And thanks to Let’s Talk Romance for this opportunity. This has been wonderful.

  5. Callie Hutton

    Welcome, Suzie. It was my pleasure. Can’t wait for Garrett’s story.

  6. Great review, Callie! You make me want to read Suzie’s book. I love the title, Suzie, and your story sound very compelling.

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