His Trick, Her Treat by RJ Fury

Title: His Trick, Her Treat
Author: RJ Fury
Genre: Erotica, contemporary
Buy link: His Trick, Her Treat
Sighs: 4

While trick or treating with her niece, Tracy has been invited to a party. Reed lives across the street and is the new accountant at Tracy’s company.

Tracy jumps at the chance. She’s been trying to get the hunk’s attention for some time.

Tracy arrives for the party only to find Reed has tricked her. There is no party, unless you count the private party he’s looking to have with her.

Tracy’s no fool. She welcomes his advances and because he’s tricked her, it’s now time for her treat.

WOW! If you like it hot and deliciously sexy, you’re going to love this all too quick read. R. J. Fury writes a sexy story that leaves the reader wanting more. He has the ability to bring the action to life. You can feel it, smell it and taste all he offers.

Be warned this is explicit and delightful.

If you’re into steamy sex, and who isn’t? You’re going to love this quick read.

My only complaint was I wanted to read more.

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane


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