Cinnamon and Spice by L.K. Below

Title: Cinnamon and Spice
Author: L.K. Below
Genre: Erotic romance
Buy Link:Cinnamon and Spice

I really enjoyed this book. It has steamy scenes of  sensual delight.

Melissa agrees to go out with her geeky co-worker Jack. He is not her type and never did she think of him in a romantic way. She was just lonely and tired of sitting home.

Jack has been in love with Melissa for a long time and has plotted out the perfect seduction. And he finally gets her to say she will go out with him.

From the time he opens the door for his date with Melissa he entices her with a true seduction she has never experienced .

From burning cinnamon candles that makes her very amorous ,a rose and a good meal Melissa gets a seduction she always dreamed of and doesn’t think she wants with Jack.

I wished it had been longer but it did it’s job in the romance department for me.

It was well written short romantic story. I enjoyed the characters and there was a sweetness to it. It could almost be like a real life romance if you like first date romance.

4 …..sighs


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