Second Chances by Tess St. John

Title: Second Chances
Author: Tess St. John
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Buy Link: Second Chances (Chances Are Series)
Sighs: 4

A terrified Lady Emma Easton is watching her beloved husband die.  Even though he is old enough to be her grandfather, Harmon is the man who saved her from the clutches of her treacherous father, Stephen Kerr, when she was a mere fifteen. 

Lord Harold Drake, a long time Easton family friend, still mourns the young wife who died giving birth to two year old Samantha, his only reason for living.  He and Emma have been friends for the five years she has been Harmon’s wife.  After  Harmon’s death, he discovers her deepest fear, and resolves to protect her from Kerr’s machinations. 

Drake finds his feelings for Emma are beginning to go deeper than rescuer and friend.   When Harmon’s estranged children arrive for the reading of the Will, the unexpected arrival of Emma’s father, and his announcement, throws the family into chaos.  He has literally made Emma his prisoner.  How will Drake protect her with guards watching twenty-four hours a day?

Second Chances is a riveting story of manipulation, fear and love.  Once you pick up the book, it’s not easy to put it down.  The characters are strong and well developed.  The plot is solid.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to Ms. St. John’s next one.
Review by: Callie Hutton
The Old West and Hot Heroes


4 responses to “Second Chances by Tess St. John

  1. I’ll have to check it out, Callie, sounds really good. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Callie.

  3. Excellent review, Callie. You sum it up beautifully.

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