Coming Home by Anna James

Title: Coming Home
Author: Anna James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Buy Link: Coming Home

I loved this book !  It is full of twists and turns about love and life! Love lost,family deception,reunions ,and love lost, love that survives thru all kinds of deceptions.

Christine finds her sister in her lovers arms and runs away. Her sister hates her and tells the one lie that Christine cannot forgive or forget. Christine has know all her life her sister and mother hated her but had no idea how far that hate went.

When Christine returns and decides to finally find out the truth about what really happened the night she ran away. She has also a surprise for her father who had also lost the love of his life long ago.

Both father and daughter had been lied to and hurt by the ones they loved both in romance and family. But have no idea how they have been cheated by the ones they thought loved them. They both find that hate is the other side of love.

The surprise Christine brings home with her will change the lives of both her and her father.

This is a great read ,with mild sex, a freshness to the story that I loved a great deal.

The book is extremely well written. Great Characters and a great love story! I really like the way it goes to the heart of the couples and doesn’t let you know what to expect from them.

5… sighs


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