The Arcane by Mur Rathbun

Title: The Arcane
Author: Mur Rathbun
Genre: Paranormal romance
Buy Link: The Arcane

Sighs: 4.5 sighs

Review –

This book is a wonderful read with characters full of depth and emotions. Adame is a demon who finds himself summoned to Earth by a witch. Roseline has no idea how she summoned him, let alone how to send him back. Yet she feels drawn to him and wants to protect him as much as she can. The two must work together and find a way for him to get back home before it is to late and the evil he fights gains the upper hand.

Right from the start Adame and Roseline endeared themselves to me. Roseline is more than willing to try and help her coven even after her past mishaps. Adame is a good man who fights for those that he cares for and will do what ever it takes to keep them all safe. The two make a great couple. The bond of trust that begins to form between them was nice and seeing that trust turn to love was a wonderful read. Not only are the main characters entertaining but the secondary characters make an impression as well. I just loved the bantering between Roseline and Ashley when they see Adame wear jeans.

From start to finish this book was entertaining, never a dull moment in it. I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next. The author does a great job of mixing the romance and action together. I would love to see more books from this world, especially with Adame’s brothers and Dakkar.

Reviewer – Gabrielle


One response to “The Arcane by Mur Rathbun

  1. I would love to read this,put it on my buy list !

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