Trois by Em Petrova

Title: Trois
Author: Em Petrova
Genre: Erotica Romance (F/M/F)
Buy Link: Trois (The French Kiss Chronicles)

sighs: 4

When Ethan discovers his wife is dipping in the honey jar,he demands a taste of the decadent pleasure.

Margot was Jane’s best friend when they became lovers. Jane is married to Ethan a sexy loving man. Jane feel in love with Margot when they became lover’s. Margot has some secrets she does not want he lover to find out about.One night Ethan comes home early as a surprise for Jane and discovers Jane and Margot together. Margot’s greatest fear for her lover has happened. Jane tries to convince Margot to stat but Margot runs away. Jane gets Margot secret out and discovers Margot has a fear of men. Jane and Ethan decide Margot is theirs and decide to seduce her when Margot stalker turns up and Ethan will let no man hurt what is his,and Margot belongs to Jane and himself.

Well written and a good read with a sweet romance theme.


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