Betraying The Prince by Debra Kayn

Title: Betraying The Prince
Author: Debra Kayn
Genre: Romance
Buy Link : Betraying the Prince

4 sighs
I enjoyed this book very much! A very sweet love story!

Royal  Princess Celina was sent to America by her father the Prince of Antaka. She’d had an American mother who had ran off with another man . That romance had produced Celina and the Princess raised her as his own. Celina had been told her mother had been stoned to death by the Prince by everyone.

As she comes to America her plans to run away and return to Antaka changed when she fell in love with her guardian’s son Drake. She experienced love,freedom and the joys of being a woman with him. But when she overhears what she thinks is betrayal she runs back home to Antaka where she learns her mother is not dead,deceit comes in many forms. The love of a mother is never ending no matter the circumstances. And true love and her fathers love is forever.


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