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Night Moves by Hartlyn Holmes

Title: Night Moves
Author: Hartlyn Holmes
Genre: Erotica
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Sighs: 4 1/2 sighs

Review of Night Moves
Review by Teri Harmon
I gave this novel 4 ½ sighs. It was a beautiful read. Let me draw your attention to the following:
It gave her hurt a chance to take the shape of caution
to the point that she hadn’t dated a single man—single or
otherwise, that is—since Grey’s death two years ago. She’d
filled her bedside drawer with self-gratifying sex toys and
stocked up quite a library of porn.

You know we all been there. When we are hurt and cautious. Well this young heroine lost the love of her life and still wanted some more love. She had a career and she had her friends. But something was missing. Then she met Brandon at the Laundromat.

… who cared about his last name? She was stuffing
her night clothes into one of the washers in the
apartment building’s Laundromat on the first floor. One
minute she was alone; the next minute she was standing
next to a hunk of a man with an enormous bulge
in his jeans. Eventually, her gaze swept upward,
lingering on his pecs, moving to his shadowed
jaw line and finally landing on his eyes. A whiskey
brown, and about as strong. Amusement twinkled there,
along with a breathtaking appreciation. Breathtaking
because he appeared to be appreciating her.

There it is the meeting to set up the story. And from then on ladies, I will let your eyes do the talking. I suggest some strawberries and whip cream to go along with it along with some pink champagne with a nice hot bath. Well worth the read ladies.

Sneakers, Sandals, and Stilettoes by Natasha Deen

Sneakers, Sandals, and Stilettoes
Author:  Natasha Deen
Genre:  Romantic Comedy
Buy Link: Sneakers, Sandals, and Stilettoes
Sighs: 5

Review of Sneakers, Sandals and Stilettoes
by:  Callie Hutton

It’s been a bad day.  The boss gave you a new project and your vacation is a week away.  It was pouring when you left the office and your umbrella was safe and dry at home.  Traffic was horrible, and in order to get home you had to stand in the rain to get gas.

So, how do you recover?  You pull out a copy of Sneakers, Sandals and Stilettoes and laugh yourself silly.  If any book can improve a mood, it’s Natasha Deen’s SS&S.  Two stories of craziness and fun whiz by so quickly, it almost seems over before it starts.  Of course, if you’d been able to put it down, it would’ve lasted longer.  Not possible. 

The Genie’s Curse, the first story, has the charm of magic and hilarity of loveable characters.  Shoe-In for Love, the second adventure, lives up to the fun of the first, making for a great mood modification book.

But better yet, don’t wait until that bad day arrives, get your copy now.  And laugh yourself silly!

The Big Bad by Nina S. Gooden

Title: The Big Bad . . . Riding Hood Tales Book One
Author: Nina S. Gooden
Genre: Paranormal
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Sighs: 4.5

Reviewed by Gabrielle

In this story, we find a new version of the little girl with a red hood. Roux finds herself in a strange new world where she is the center of all the chaos. Can she trust Aldrich or will he be the death of her? Just whom can they trust, if not each other, to figure out who wants them out of the picture?

The Big Bad is a great story, with wonderful characters that are full of emotions and depth. Roux is a woman who longs for love, especially from her father, but is continually disappointed by him. Yet, even after so much disappointment, she is more than willing to open her heart when she meets Aldrich and let love in. She is a strong woman, who is always ready to fight for those that she cares about and watching Roux find not only herself, but love as well, makes for a very entertaining read. Aldrich is an honorable man, who will do anything for his mate and wishes only to make her happy. As the two figure out who and what is going on, the love for each other grows stronger and burns up the pages.

This author does an exceptional job of pulling the reader into a wondrous world full of wolves and magic. I truly enjoyed this visit into Roux and Aldrich’s world and hope to come back and visit again soon.

Slightly Tarnished by Lilly Gayle

Slightly Tarnished
Author: Lilly Gayle
Genre: Historical Romance
Link: Slightly Tarnished
Sighs: 3-1/2
Review of Slightly Tarnished
by Callie Hutton

After American Nikki Keller’s father is lost at sea, along with his ship and cargo that would have paid the mounting bills, she and her mother are left homeless.  Mrs. Keller accepts an offer from her brother to make their home with him in England. Loath to leave America, Nikki accepts her mother’s decision.  So the two head to England to the estate of Henry Tidwell, Earl of Wellesley.

The Countess of Gilchrest is anxious for her son, Chadwick Masters, Earl of Gilchrest to remarry and produce the needed heir.  Although soured on marriage after his tumultuous relationship with his deceased wife, he understands his duty and fully intends to take a wife, just not the one his mother is so insistent upon.

Terrified at her uncle’s plans for her future, Nikki runs with her mother from Wellesley’s home into the dead of night.  Gilchrest comes across them and after hearing their story, brings them to his estate.  Although it starts out as a temporary arrangement, it soon becomes permanent, but Gilchrest is hiding a secret, and Nikki wants to know what it is.

Mystery, intrigue, love and romance all come together to form a satisfying story.  Nikki, her mother, and Gilchrest fight to protect themselves and others they love from the machinations of those who would destroy their very world.

A good story with strong characters and a satisfying plot, you’ll enjoy this one.

Callie Hutton
The Old West and Hot Heroes

Kandy Shoppe by Debora Dennis

Title: The Kandy Shoppe

Author: Debora Dennis

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Buy Link:  The Kandy Shoppe

Sighs: 4 ½ Sighs

Review of The Kandy Shoppe

Reviewed by: Teri Harmon


I gave this story 4 ½ sighs. I have read erotica from different authors and they all have a nice story line to start with. But then it becomes all about the sex. In this case, it starts out due to a broken freezer. And the heat is just too much for the two of them. They can barely keep their hands off each other. Hello! Despite the sex it’s a nice story about a young business owner who is having troubles like we all do with the equipment. And the romance or sexual relationship between the two main characters Jason and Kandy is nicely developed. You can see that the author makes them believable as a couple trying to make a relationship based on sex work. Jason had let her go before and felt that he had screwed up his life by doing so. So he is thankful for the second chance that he is getting to develop a relationship with her that will last. Before I close out this review I just wanted to give you my favorite line from here:

“All his talk about new beginnings, second chances, and promis­es of a new freezer were an intoxicating combination. But were they moving too fast? Sex was one thing. A relationship was something more.” Excerpt page 26.

I think you guys will find this an enjoyable read if you like erotica novels. And if a line like that doesn’t wet your appetite then you all have had that very same conversation with someone in your group of friends. So enjoy the read.

Through Your Eyes by Jo Barrett

Title: Through Your Eyes

Author: Jo Barrett

Genre: Contemporary Sweetheart Rosette

Link:Through Your Eyes

4 sighs


Patience was not one of Belle Gregory’s virtues. So when she finds herself lying flat on her back in the sand with a lone male body on top of her, she curses her loss of sight. But the doctor’s say she will see again, a fact that has Adam Parker very worried. He has no choice but to live with the damage done to his face by a roadside bomb more than a year ago, but can Belle? Or will she see only the scars and not what’s in his heart?

Through Your Eyes

Belle Gregory has been temporarily blinded by a car accident. At least she hopes it’s temporary. Her best friend/nurse, Dee, has taken her to the beach for some R&R. Far from self assured, or confident, she is sometimes annoyed at her awkwardness, sometimes desperately afraid.

While at the beach Adam runs into her while a group of people are playing ball. Even though she can’t see and he, because of injures suffered to one side of his face, during the war, just might not want her to see, the two are attracted to each other.

Here is a story of two young people who, because of imperfections, believe they aren’t worthy of love. As they come to know each other that notion slowly begins to change.

Sweet and delicately touching, Ms. Barrett has created a story that brings these two characters to life. With feelings that we all can recognize and failings that every one of us can own, she has the reader only liking them more. You’ll find yourself rooting for the hero and heroine to open up and take what is offered to them.

As it should, this story leaves the reader happy to have spent their time reading this piece. I liked it very much.

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane

promise the moon book review

Solitude Not Needed When Love is Found

Title: Promise the Moon

Author: Joyce Henderson

Genre: Historical American Romance

Buy Link:

Sighs: 4 1/2 Sighs

Review of Promise the Moon

Reviewed by: Teri Harmon

I gave this novel 4 1/2 sighs because it was entertaining, moved well and it kept me interested. For those in the know who read romance novels on the regular, it follows a formula that is easily followed in this novel. The fact that Garrett follows after Neely despite the fact that they are different shows that he cares for her. The fact that Neely cares for his daughter Mindy as if she were her own daughter shows Garret that she can fit into his world. It all comes together in the earthquake which injures Neely and brings the two of them close together hence the ending of the story which I will not spoil for your reading pleasure. I suggest ladies this is a good beach novel if you are looking for a quick read on the sandy beaches of whatever state your beach is in and it also is a good novel to gift even in between friends. Have a nice summer ladies!

promise the moon book review.docx