promise the moon book review

Solitude Not Needed When Love is Found

Title: Promise the Moon

Author: Joyce Henderson

Genre: Historical American Romance

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Sighs: 4 1/2 Sighs

Review of Promise the Moon

Reviewed by: Teri Harmon

I gave this novel 4 1/2 sighs because it was entertaining, moved well and it kept me interested. For those in the know who read romance novels on the regular, it follows a formula that is easily followed in this novel. The fact that Garrett follows after Neely despite the fact that they are different shows that he cares for her. The fact that Neely cares for his daughter Mindy as if she were her own daughter shows Garret that she can fit into his world. It all comes together in the earthquake which injures Neely and brings the two of them close together hence the ending of the story which I will not spoil for your reading pleasure. I suggest ladies this is a good beach novel if you are looking for a quick read on the sandy beaches of whatever state your beach is in and it also is a good novel to gift even in between friends. Have a nice summer ladies!

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2 responses to “promise the moon book review

  1. I’m just finding this review. Thank you Teri Harmon.

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