Through Your Eyes by Jo Barrett

Title: Through Your Eyes

Author: Jo Barrett

Genre: Contemporary Sweetheart Rosette

Link:Through Your Eyes

4 sighs


Patience was not one of Belle Gregory’s virtues. So when she finds herself lying flat on her back in the sand with a lone male body on top of her, she curses her loss of sight. But the doctor’s say she will see again, a fact that has Adam Parker very worried. He has no choice but to live with the damage done to his face by a roadside bomb more than a year ago, but can Belle? Or will she see only the scars and not what’s in his heart?

Through Your Eyes

Belle Gregory has been temporarily blinded by a car accident. At least she hopes it’s temporary. Her best friend/nurse, Dee, has taken her to the beach for some R&R. Far from self assured, or confident, she is sometimes annoyed at her awkwardness, sometimes desperately afraid.

While at the beach Adam runs into her while a group of people are playing ball. Even though she can’t see and he, because of injures suffered to one side of his face, during the war, just might not want her to see, the two are attracted to each other.

Here is a story of two young people who, because of imperfections, believe they aren’t worthy of love. As they come to know each other that notion slowly begins to change.

Sweet and delicately touching, Ms. Barrett has created a story that brings these two characters to life. With feelings that we all can recognize and failings that every one of us can own, she has the reader only liking them more. You’ll find yourself rooting for the hero and heroine to open up and take what is offered to them.

As it should, this story leaves the reader happy to have spent their time reading this piece. I liked it very much.

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane


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