Kandy Shoppe by Debora Dennis

Title: The Kandy Shoppe

Author: Debora Dennis

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Buy Link:  The Kandy Shoppe

Sighs: 4 ½ Sighs

Review of The Kandy Shoppe

Reviewed by: Teri Harmon


I gave this story 4 ½ sighs. I have read erotica from different authors and they all have a nice story line to start with. But then it becomes all about the sex. In this case, it starts out due to a broken freezer. And the heat is just too much for the two of them. They can barely keep their hands off each other. Hello! Despite the sex it’s a nice story about a young business owner who is having troubles like we all do with the equipment. And the romance or sexual relationship between the two main characters Jason and Kandy is nicely developed. You can see that the author makes them believable as a couple trying to make a relationship based on sex work. Jason had let her go before and felt that he had screwed up his life by doing so. So he is thankful for the second chance that he is getting to develop a relationship with her that will last. Before I close out this review I just wanted to give you my favorite line from here:

“All his talk about new beginnings, second chances, and promis­es of a new freezer were an intoxicating combination. But were they moving too fast? Sex was one thing. A relationship was something more.” Excerpt page 26.

I think you guys will find this an enjoyable read if you like erotica novels. And if a line like that doesn’t wet your appetite then you all have had that very same conversation with someone in your group of friends. So enjoy the read.


2 responses to “Kandy Shoppe by Debora Dennis

  1. Thank you for the great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. 🙂

  2. You are welcome. I liked to read it. Looking forward for more.

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