The Big Bad by Nina S. Gooden

Title: The Big Bad . . . Riding Hood Tales Book One
Author: Nina S. Gooden
Genre: Paranormal
Buy Link:

Sighs: 4.5

Reviewed by Gabrielle

In this story, we find a new version of the little girl with a red hood. Roux finds herself in a strange new world where she is the center of all the chaos. Can she trust Aldrich or will he be the death of her? Just whom can they trust, if not each other, to figure out who wants them out of the picture?

The Big Bad is a great story, with wonderful characters that are full of emotions and depth. Roux is a woman who longs for love, especially from her father, but is continually disappointed by him. Yet, even after so much disappointment, she is more than willing to open her heart when she meets Aldrich and let love in. She is a strong woman, who is always ready to fight for those that she cares about and watching Roux find not only herself, but love as well, makes for a very entertaining read. Aldrich is an honorable man, who will do anything for his mate and wishes only to make her happy. As the two figure out who and what is going on, the love for each other grows stronger and burns up the pages.

This author does an exceptional job of pulling the reader into a wondrous world full of wolves and magic. I truly enjoyed this visit into Roux and Aldrich’s world and hope to come back and visit again soon.


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