Night Moves by Hartlyn Holmes

Title: Night Moves
Author: Hartlyn Holmes
Genre: Erotica
Buy Link:
Sighs: 4 1/2 sighs

Review of Night Moves
Review by Teri Harmon
I gave this novel 4 ½ sighs. It was a beautiful read. Let me draw your attention to the following:
It gave her hurt a chance to take the shape of caution
to the point that she hadn’t dated a single man—single or
otherwise, that is—since Grey’s death two years ago. She’d
filled her bedside drawer with self-gratifying sex toys and
stocked up quite a library of porn.

You know we all been there. When we are hurt and cautious. Well this young heroine lost the love of her life and still wanted some more love. She had a career and she had her friends. But something was missing. Then she met Brandon at the Laundromat.

… who cared about his last name? She was stuffing
her night clothes into one of the washers in the
apartment building’s Laundromat on the first floor. One
minute she was alone; the next minute she was standing
next to a hunk of a man with an enormous bulge
in his jeans. Eventually, her gaze swept upward,
lingering on his pecs, moving to his shadowed
jaw line and finally landing on his eyes. A whiskey
brown, and about as strong. Amusement twinkled there,
along with a breathtaking appreciation. Breathtaking
because he appeared to be appreciating her.

There it is the meeting to set up the story. And from then on ladies, I will let your eyes do the talking. I suggest some strawberries and whip cream to go along with it along with some pink champagne with a nice hot bath. Well worth the read ladies.


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