Death Notice

Title: Death Notice
Author: Alicia Dean
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Genre: Romantic Suspense’
Sighs: 4-1/2

Today’s the big day. Monroe is getting the promotion at The Northland Chronicle she was promised, and worked her butt off for. Excitement fills her when Adam, her former lover and boss, requests her presence in his office.  This is it!

Not so. Actually he reprimands her for placing an obituary with the wrong date, and to inform her that his new girlfriend doesn’t want him to give Monroe the promised promotion because she feels insecure. What the hell?

From there, life continues downhill when it becomes apparent someone is sending death notices to Monroe before the death actually occurs.  Enter alpha male, Detective Lane Brody, with his own personal heartache.  The chemistry between Lane and Monroe is palatable, but can this go anywhere with his issues? And will they catch the author of the obituaries before he strikes again?

Death Notice is a fun, tense story with a touch of romance woven so well by Alicia Dean. With great characters and a fast moving story, it makes for a great beach (or pool) day book.  

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