Wrong Kind of Paradise

Title: Wrong Kind of Paradise
Author: Suzi Grant
Genre: Romance (Pirate)
Sighs: 5
Buy link: Click Here
The daughter of a notorious pirate, Angel De’Haviland, is strong, smart and adores her father. When he’s taken prisoner by the British, she steals the ship of the man she believes betrayed her father and heads out to kidnap a British officer to swap for her father.

Blac Barclay is on a mission to deliver Angel to her grandfather, despite what the little hellion wants. What she wants is her father free, and Blac by her side. Instead, Blac wants to fulfill the promise he made to his lifelong friend, even though it’s tearing him apart.

Wrong Kind of Paradise is a top of the line action filled romance. Suzi Grant has done it again with a riveting story, strong complex characters and a “on the edge of your seat” tale. Don’t miss this one. Even if you’re not a pirate fan, Ms. Grant will make you one.

Callie Hutton
A Run For Love – Soul Mate Publishing, November 2011


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