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Saddle Up by Marie Tuhart

Title: QuickSilver Ranch: Saddle Up
Author: Marie Tuhart
Genre: Contemporary erotica, BDSM
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Sighs: 3.5 sighs
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Review –

After her good friends wedding Angie finds herself making a deal with Jared. Spending two weeks with him alone can’t be all that bad right? Will Angie be as brave as she pretends to be or will Jared’s sexual preferences scare her away? Only time will tell but that time is limit. Maybe if they both let the other in they will find what they have been searching for.

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Angie and Jared grow. Not only must Angie make some hard decisions she finds herself giving her heart away as well. Angie is a strong woman who has been through so much in her life yet every time she is knocked down she gets right back up and brushes herself off. I loved her determination and her guts to try things even when she was afraid. Jared may be a hard man to please but he may have met his match in Angie. He needs to find love just as bad as everyone else. Jared may want things a bit more on the rough side but he is always a caring and watchful Dom. Seeing the two together and watching their reactions makes for one hot read. The two make a great couple. The sparks begin right from the start and quickly turn into a full-blown fire. The love that they share shines through in everything that they do. If only the two could put aside their own fears and embrace what they have.

This is the second book in the series. While it is not necessary to read the first book you will get a better understanding of the characters and their world if you do. I will remind that This book does contain strong sexual interaction and a ménage. I enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing more from this author in the future.

BloodSworn 2_Linked By Blood by Kathy Lane

Author:Kathy Lane

Name : Blood Sworn2 ;Linked by Blood

Genre : Futuristic/Erotic

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Sighs : 5


This book was very good in my opinion .It is well written with a wonderful story line. That is what I look for the most. I like something more than sex in my books. This book has that for me. I loved the cover as well. It is a great visual for me for getting to see the places I am reading about. I love the sex scenes. They are not extremely graphic but you get the point. This book is just a great read if you love futuristic books !

I t has love, traveling through time gates, great romance and love scenes. It let’s you feel what the writer conveyed. It has a child’s wide eyed amazement when he discovers the first time that he is like his hero’s and will someday  take a place in their responsibility .

Two couple have and discover love and full acceptance. Through mistakes made as partners as well as lovers. And it has very good adversity scenes in it.





Lover’s Gamble by Jennifer Ann Coffeen

Lover’s Gamble
Jennifer Ann Coffeen
Historical Romance
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Sighs: 4.5

Sophie Hartlend likes to play with fire.

The reckless and beautiful Miss Sophie has spent her young life doing whatever she pleases without much consequence—except for that one night when passions went too far with the maddeningly handsome Lord Rayburn.

Months after their encounter, Sophie’s newfound infatuation with gambling has landed her in trouble, threatening her precious independence. Lord Rayburn gallantly offers to help, but he insists the wild Miss Sophie do things his way. Once again they find themselves in a battle of wills, attracted but with opposing views.

Will Sophie relent when she discovers she must lay down all her cards in order to win Lord Rayburn’s heart?

Lively characters and great world-building skills make this book a great one. It’s a spicy and funny romp through history. I enjoyed it very much. My only complaint is that it was too short, because when it ended, I wanted more.
Danica Malone

Loving the Norseman by Kris Tualla

Genre: Historical
Author: Kris Tualla
Title: Loving the Norseman
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Sighs: 5
The Black Death has decimated Scotland, wiped out most of Grier MacInnes’s family, and killed her chances for marriage three times. The only members of the MacInnes family left are her and twenty year old Logan, cousin and laird of Durness.
A gifted healer, Grier spots two men floating in Balnakeil Bay outside the walls of Durness Castle during a horrific storm. One is already dead, the second is alive, but near drowning and dragging a broken leg. Grier and Logan pull Rydar Martin Petter-Edvard Hansen and his travel companion from the water. Grier sets Rydar’s leg and begins the healing process for the man who speaks only Norwegian, but quickly learns enough Scottish to captivate her.
With the town of Durness emptied of all young, viable men, Grier sees her life stretched before her as bleak and endless as a stormy winter sky over the North Sea. Her cousin will marry soon, and his fifteen year old bride will displace her. Not a lot to look forward to.
Despite the strong attraction and admiration he feels for the strong and compassionate healer, Rydar is anxious to return to the sea and find his way to Arendal, Norway to claim his inheritance.
Could he be the means for Grier to have the life she’s always dreamed of? Or will her Viking sail away and leave her to play maid to the new Lady of the castle?
Kris Tualla’s fourth book in the Hansen series delivers all the love, treachery and romance of the previous three. Loving the Norseman is a great read, and an enjoyable peek into yet another set of solid characters and their fascinating story.

Callie Hutton
A Run For Love, Soul Mate Publishing, 2011

Loving the Beast by Naima Simone

Genre: Erotic Romance

Author: Naima Simone

Title: Loving The Beast _Fairy Tales Unleashed Book 1

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                                                                            Sighs: 5

   Such a good book! I loved it! Very well written,wonderful story line. Steamy sex scenes. Pulls the heart strings to read as this couple come together in love.

 Xavier St.James was a bitter man. He had lost his fiance and father and received a bad disfigurement. In come Gwendolyn the woman who he could not have but who he always wanted. Even though she had belonged to his brother.

 She wasn’t afraid of his temper and stood up to him. So he blackmails her when she asks for his help.

 The time they had changed him  and made him want the love he could have. Now he needs to prove to her she could trust him. Prove her heart would be safe after all he had done to her heart.

Outrageous Behavior by Amy Corwin

Outrageous Behavior
Amy Corwin
Historical Romance
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Sighs: 4

As the Season in London comes to a close, Laura finds herself in a predicament. The one man she is attracted to has neglected to make an offer for her, and her family wants her to accept the proposal of a fortune-hunter. Determined not to let propriety stand in the way of her future happiness, she resorts to outrageous behavior to escape the damp grasp of the wrong man—and to discover true love in the arms of another.

This very cute and somewhat naughty story gave this reviewer a number of giggles. I read historical romance wondering how women survived in such a time where you weren’t allowed to speak your mind.I imagine this was it. Women rebelled in their own minds, and the most brave actually spoke. Ms. Corwin has a great sense of character, and I would certainly recommend this book for the fantastic heroine. It’s a great short story.

Danica Malone

Celestial Sin by Bianca Swan

Celestial Sin by Bianca Swan


sighs: 5

Author : Bianca Swan

Title: Celestial Sin

Genre : Paranormal Romance

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I love this book. I read it twice. It is well written and has a great romantick storyline that held me. Very hot sex and a good plot!

When an angel falls into her yard Essie couldn’t believe her eyes. He had a body to die for and was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.  She found he could read her thoughts ,which upset her for a time but soon it no longer mattered. Their love story is both sweet as well as very very hot. They faced her thinking he was either an angel from above or a demon from hell. They faced a demon who came to kill them both,but her first so the angel would suffer his lost love. A twist was that Essie saved the day. But the archangel Michael came and they thought they would be punished.

I loved the idea that in their love her angel gave up everything to stay with her . I am a hopeless romantic and this was just written so well that I fell in love with her angel myself (or fell in lust). See for your self.


The Unwanted Heiress by Olivia Ritch

The Unwanted Heiress
Olivia Ritch
Historical Romance
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Sighs: 3.5

I wasn’t as taken in with this story as I was with past historical romances I’ve read. I don’t like misunderstanding plot lines. I did like the sensuality of this story. Ms. Ritch has a good grasp of the sensual, and I found myself drawn into the story at a number of points. I really would like to read another book from this author to solidify my opinion of her work, but all in all, I’d recommend this shorty.
Danica Malone