Celestial Sin by Bianca Swan

Celestial Sin by Bianca Swan


sighs: 5

Author : Bianca Swan

Title: Celestial Sin

Genre : Paranormal Romance

To buy : http://www.WildRosePress.com

I love this book. I read it twice. It is well written and has a great romantick storyline that held me. Very hot sex and a good plot!

When an angel falls into her yard Essie couldn’t believe her eyes. He had a body to die for and was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.  She found he could read her thoughts ,which upset her for a time but soon it no longer mattered. Their love story is both sweet as well as very very hot. They faced her thinking he was either an angel from above or a demon from hell. They faced a demon who came to kill them both,but her first so the angel would suffer his lost love. A twist was that Essie saved the day. But the archangel Michael came and they thought they would be punished.

I loved the idea that in their love her angel gave up everything to stay with her . I am a hopeless romantic and this was just written so well that I fell in love with her angel myself (or fell in lust). See for your self.



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