Outrageous Behavior by Amy Corwin

Outrageous Behavior
Amy Corwin
Historical Romance
Buy Link:http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=86_73&products_id=1187
Sighs: 4

As the Season in London comes to a close, Laura finds herself in a predicament. The one man she is attracted to has neglected to make an offer for her, and her family wants her to accept the proposal of a fortune-hunter. Determined not to let propriety stand in the way of her future happiness, she resorts to outrageous behavior to escape the damp grasp of the wrong man—and to discover true love in the arms of another.

This very cute and somewhat naughty story gave this reviewer a number of giggles. I read historical romance wondering how women survived in such a time where you weren’t allowed to speak your mind.I imagine this was it. Women rebelled in their own minds, and the most brave actually spoke. Ms. Corwin has a great sense of character, and I would certainly recommend this book for the fantastic heroine. It’s a great short story.

Danica Malone


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