BloodSworn 2_Linked By Blood by Kathy Lane

Author:Kathy Lane

Name : Blood Sworn2 ;Linked by Blood

Genre : Futuristic/Erotic

Buy Link :

Sighs : 5


This book was very good in my opinion .It is well written with a wonderful story line. That is what I look for the most. I like something more than sex in my books. This book has that for me. I loved the cover as well. It is a great visual for me for getting to see the places I am reading about. I love the sex scenes. They are not extremely graphic but you get the point. This book is just a great read if you love futuristic books !

I t has love, traveling through time gates, great romance and love scenes. It let’s you feel what the writer conveyed. It has a child’s wide eyed amazement when he discovers the first time that he is like his hero’s and will someday  take a place in their responsibility .

Two couple have and discover love and full acceptance. Through mistakes made as partners as well as lovers. And it has very good adversity scenes in it.






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