Brodie’s Bride by Amie Louellen

Title:Brodie’s Bride

Author: Amie Louellen

Genre : Historical Romance

Buy Link:

Sighs : 5

Such a delightful book ! Funny,witty,loving and a pure good read. This was wonderfully written ! I enjoyed every chapter. It held me from the very first chapter! Well written,great and funny story line. It has mild sex scenes that you can fully imagine details too.

Brodie woke up married to a stranger.He remembered her and wished he had time to take it further.His problem was he thought it a dream. Talk about Tequila making your cloths fall off!His wife is a little dingy and wants out of the marriage so she can marry the man her father has picked out. They have to stay married for one week and convince someone they are indeed a family and in love. Only Brodie decides he wants to keep his new wife.Just when you think they will stay married they find out they are not and enter the other groom to be. I will not spoil the end for you. You really should read the book to find out what happens next to this funny couple!

This leads to A funny story full of laughs,sweetness and love!


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