Red Leather Reunion by Karen Bostrom

Title: Red Leather Reunion
Author: Karen Bostrom
Genre: Contemporary
Sighs: 5/5
Buy Link: Click Here

BLURB: Ron Granger never expected his twenty-fifth high school reunion to bring his heart’s desire one step closer to reality. But when Jane Hunter shows up unexpectedly—in a hot red leather dress, no less—Ron wonders if he’ll finally get a second chance to tell her how he feels.

Local TV reporter Jane Hunter never wanted to attend another Summerville High School reunion—not after the explosive split with her ex-husband twenty years ago. But the opportunity to defuse his mean-spirited campaign to smear her is too enticing to miss. Besides, she’s after something more important than compliments and envy in her killer red dress—it’s another man from her past she’s hoping to dazzle.

Unrequited love, resentment, and vengeance create a steamy mix—will the lives of these three estranged friends ever be the same?

REVIEW: Holy WOW Batman! It’s amazing how much heat you can create without actually having sex. Just Jane’s description and manners showed greatly how good of an author that Ms. Bostrom is. Each move, word, and glance had a reason and design. There was no fluff to dig through and nothing that I have to guess about. I loved every second of this book and can’t wait to get my hands on another book by Karen Bostrom.


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