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Candy’s Kisses by Carys Weldon

Name:Candy’s Kisses

Author:Carys Weldon




Candy is a city girl and Levi is a country boy! Oil and water. But they are together. It was love at first site but neither wants to give in entirely .They have so many problems,but always seem to end up kissing and in bed.Levi has been hurt so very bad. Doesn’t believe in love anymore . But then he meets Candy and thru her he starts to laugh and feel again. He get’s mad in someways and yet want’s more of what Candy gives him.He starts to heal. Learns what love is and he want’s it. Correction , he want’s Candy. Candy want’s Levi. But can a city girl really have a chance at love and acceptance from a country boy.Can their worlds collide and survive?

Well written,this novel is sweet,funny,hot sex scenes, funny, has good serious moments and a good plot. My only problem with it was it was not long enough,and needed a few more plot scenes.But all in all I enjoyed it very much. A very good read !

His Soul To Keep

Name: His Soul To Keep

Author: M.Flagg

Genre: Paranormal

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Sighs: 5

This novel makes you want more and more. The scenes in it are so very good. I’m a lover of plots in a book as well as romance. The novel had romance but not graphic scenes , more like a sensual hint!

Michael is a reborn human. He was a vampire who suddenly became a human with no explanation. For years he suffered for the crimes he committed against the human world. But then met a woman who he feel so in love with .She was a Guardian .Someone who he should not have been able to love. But it became a love for all time. His love is Alana,his soul mate for eternity. She stands by his side threw good and bad. Tries to help him learn to be a human as well as her lover again. She tries to help him learn to be a father to his son. A vampire should not be able to have children. But Michael has Lukas,who is mystical,a future Guardian if he chooses. But the relationship is on a very rocky path for some time. Neither understands how to deal with the other. But once they do learn it is a human father and son relationship.

This novel has action,love,acceptance of self and others. It was so well written that I had to read it two times before posting my review.  I highly recommend it if you love a wonderful scifi plot along with your romance! And I sincerely hope there is a book 2 on the way!

Highland Legacy by B. J. Scott

Highland Legacy
By: B. J. Scott
Genre: Historical Romance
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Sighs: 5
Reviewed by: Callie Hutton

Cailin Macmillan is appalled to learn her father has arranged for her to marry a Laird thrice her age. Determined to marry for love or not at all, she flees the keep, only to be accosted by brutal English soldiers intent on raping her.

Highland patriot, Connor Fraser, comes to her defense, and escorts her back to the castle. However, upon hearing that she is being sought for the murder of the soldier Connor killed, Cailin leaves her lifelong home dressed as a lad. She follows Connor and his brothers who carry a missive to Robert the Bruce, self-proclaimed King of Scotland. It is with the Bruce that Cailin hopes to seek refuge from her would-be captors.
Connor has vowed revenge for the death of his family, and has no time or inclination to marry. Nevertheless, in order to keep Cailin safe, he declares her his wife, with the intention of an annulment when they reach their destination.

With a vindictive English lord on Cailin’s trail to bring her to England for murder, Connor is torn between his steadfast dedication to king and country, his desire for Cailin, and his need to protect her from the hated English.

Highland Legacy is a book that is impossible to put down. The wealth of intrigue, horror, and historical accuracy makes for a riveting tale. The characters are well developed, the plot intricate. Ms. Scott has written a tense and spellbinding debut novel. This book is without a doubt, one of the finer stories of Medieval Scotland I’ve ever read.

Connor Fraser and Cailin Macmillian will capture your heart. Their passion, strength and honor will remain with you long after you’ve read the last page of their remarkable story. Don’t miss out on this one.

Rawhide: Slapping Leather by Desiree Holt

Title: Rawhide: Slapping Leather
Author: Desiree Holt
Genre: BDSM
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Sighs: 3.5
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Review –

How does a person know that they have met the one person that is perfect for them? Would you be able to tell? Ranch owner Elizabeth Gillibrand may have met her match in Alex Wright. The sparks ignite right from their very first meeting and only burn more intensely as the story goes on. The two make a wonderful couple but Elizabeth cannot commit to more than a few play sessions. As Alex tries to win Elizabeth’s trust we see her begin to open up again and enjoy herself. Elizabeth is a strong woman who finally decides to take a chance and try to live her life again. While the relationship between Elizabeth and Alex was a hot read I would have liked to see a little more depth and interaction between the two outside of the club. There is not a lot of attention paid to Elizabeth’s past and her intimacy problems. I think that a little more attention to those things would have made this a better read for me.

While this book may have not been a favorite for me I still enjoyed the book. The author does a good job of keeping the reader’s interest. I was pulled into Elizabeth and Alex’s world right from the beginning and kept turning those pages to see if they would find their happy ever after.

Texas Passion by Anita Philmar

Title: Texas Passion
Author: Anita Philmar
Genre: Erotic Historical
Sighs: 5/5
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Excerpt: “Well, now, did you think I’d ever arrive?” He shut the door and tossed his hat onto the table by the door. Dark curly hair circled his head, and his dark brown eyes met hers.

“I had no doubt you’d get here eventually.” Her hands shaking, Catherine laid her book on the rocker and tried for a more seductive tone. “But I’d like to know what delayed you.”

One corner of his mouth turned up in a crooked grin, he stepped forward, and then paused. “Wait a second, don’t I know you?”

Catherine nodded and toyed with the knot holding her robe together. Should she shed her robe and try to seduce him first? Or just tell him her name?

He tilted his head slightly, and a frown formed on his lips. The subdued lighting of the lantern didn’t mask the lines marring his brow.

Apprehension slithered over her skin, and a lump the size of Texas grew in her throat. “I…uh…”


More of an accusation than a question, her name echoed in her head. “Yes, I…” She edged closer.

He shuffled backward until his back hit the door. “What the hell are you doing here?” His gaze dropped to swell of her breasts, and the cattywhumped expression on his face registered. Clarity filled her head. The man might deny it, but the heat in his eyes proved he found her appealing. Energy pulsed through her, and she untied the knot at her waist. “I decided, since we’re practically engaged, I didn’t want you sleeping with another woman.”

“Whoa, don’t even think about removing that robe.” He held out his hands to stop her, but his tongue slid over his parched lips and the blaze in his eyes sparked higher. Catherine’s confidence grew, and the doubt that had plagued her for the last few hours faded. He might resist, but she’d show him this was what they both wanted.

Review: Shorter stories (50 pages or less) normally leave me wanting more, or lacking information that I really wanted to know. But Anita Philmar’s portrayal of the characters of Texas Passion did not leave me wanting for anything. Not only were the sex scenes hot, but the woman was strong even without her man! I can’t stand the waifish woman who can’t even stand on her own two feet. I’m certain I will never have to worry about that in one of Ms. Philmar’s books.

Weaving words that do not disappoint, Texas Passion is a must read for all who love the country, Texas and a strong storyline.