Candy’s Kisses by Carys Weldon

Name:Candy’s Kisses

Author:Carys Weldon




Candy is a city girl and Levi is a country boy! Oil and water. But they are together. It was love at first site but neither wants to give in entirely .They have so many problems,but always seem to end up kissing and in bed.Levi has been hurt so very bad. Doesn’t believe in love anymore . But then he meets Candy and thru her he starts to laugh and feel again. He get’s mad in someways and yet want’s more of what Candy gives him.He starts to heal. Learns what love is and he want’s it. Correction , he want’s Candy. Candy want’s Levi. But can a city girl really have a chance at love and acceptance from a country boy.Can their worlds collide and survive?

Well written,this novel is sweet,funny,hot sex scenes, funny, has good serious moments and a good plot. My only problem with it was it was not long enough,and needed a few more plot scenes.But all in all I enjoyed it very much. A very good read !


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