His Soul To Keep

Name: His Soul To Keep

Author: M.Flagg

Genre: Paranormal

Buy Link: www.allromanceebooks.com/product-hissoultokeep-578612

Sighs: 5

This novel makes you want more and more. The scenes in it are so very good. I’m a lover of plots in a book as well as romance. The novel had romance but not graphic scenes , more like a sensual hint!

Michael is a reborn human. He was a vampire who suddenly became a human with no explanation. For years he suffered for the crimes he committed against the human world. But then met a woman who he feel so in love with .She was a Guardian .Someone who he should not have been able to love. But it became a love for all time. His love is Alana,his soul mate for eternity. She stands by his side threw good and bad. Tries to help him learn to be a human as well as her lover again. She tries to help him learn to be a father to his son. A vampire should not be able to have children. But Michael has Lukas,who is mystical,a future Guardian if he chooses. But the relationship is on a very rocky path for some time. Neither understands how to deal with the other. But once they do learn it is a human father and son relationship.

This novel has action,love,acceptance of self and others. It was so well written that I had to read it two times before posting my review.  I highly recommend it if you love a wonderful scifi plot along with your romance! And I sincerely hope there is a book 2 on the way!


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