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Protecting Rose by Cheryl Yeko

Title: Protecting Rose
Author: Cheryl Yeko
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Sighs: 5

A woman awakes from a car accident with no memory of who she is. The handsome detective who finds her names her “Rose.” In a very short period of time, it’s obvious someone tried to kill her and when they didn’t succeed, they tried again. Detective Nate Stone moves her to a safe house, but the biggest danger for him is not the killer, but what Rose is doing to his heart.

Protecting Rose has it all. Love, danger, action, snappy dialog and a well developed story and characters. Kudos to Cheryl Yeko for an excellent start to what will surely be an amazing career.

Immortal Justice by Faith V. Smith

Title:Immortal Justice

Author: Faith V.Smith

Genre:Paranormal Romance

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Sighs: 5

A great read ! One of my favorites. Full of action,love and mytholigy!

Darach becomes a immortal and an emissary of justice after he watch his wife and son die before he was killed. Through the years he has fought for good and destroys evil. He meets a woman named Abby and falls in love even though the Archangel Michael tells him he can never touch her. His so called cousin Angus became a follower of Lucifer and has plans to kill Abby in front of Darach so that he can watch another loved one die. Together Darach and Abby must hide and try to destroy Angus so they can save the world. Michael must sit back and not interfere with his favorite emissary even though he thinks Darach should be allowed to love Abby.

This book has twists and turns,love and disappointment and happiness! Very well written and keeps you interested all threw the book. A very good read!


Fledgling by Berni Stevens

Book Title:Fledgling

Author: Berni Stevens

Genra: Paranormal Romance


Stars: 4

I enjoyed this book very much. It was well written,had a very good plot, only suggestions of sex and had a good ending.

A vampire Will who is a Master Vampire falls in love for a human girl and for a year watches her. A sad accident compels him to bring her over to being a vampire. Ellie wakes up confused and cannot remember anything about what had happened to her. Will,refuses to tell her except that she is a vampire now and she blames him as her murderer .She fights all the way and refuses to take blood by the soarse .Will knows she is his soul mate and falls deeper and deeper in love with her. Eventually she does fall in love with him. They go through many trials with her stubbornness . Will’s sire comes to claim him when she discovers he has a fledgling he has claimed as his consort and vows to get rid of Ellie. And the war between the three starts. Ellie grows more secure in her place with Will and has two vamp women wanting her dead,but Will refuses to allow anyone to hurt his beloved. One of his own friends  is a traitor and not until he get’s tortured  and Ellie fights to keep him alive and get him free does he find the one who has betrayed him and all he claims as his own. But friendship and love is the salvation for Will and Ellie.