Going Greek by Lelani Black A Book Review by Teri Harmon

Going Greek
Lelani Black

Buy Link:  http://goo.gl/hocjD

5 sighs

I thought I wouldn’t give out five sighs but I have to give it out to this book. So you understand I am not an erotica fan per se because I believe that sex has its place in a novel but it also has a taboo somewhat in my mind as well. So okay this book I love foreign men and how they react to other people. But what I like about this book is a couple of things that If you bear with me I will tell you about while not telling you about the book itself.

The first is this: “For three months, he’d hid the truth of his wife and two small children from her….”  A little farther down she wrote  “ Something had happened with the man in the photograph….” P24

…”I told you I wouldn’t be seeing anyone, making love to anyone…until you and I talked. ..But if you’ve been with another man, or want someone else, tell me now and I will leave you alone. For good.” P100

So that is the story in a nutshell. You can see the time line. This is the second thing that I like about the book. The development of the time line. And the third and final thing is the dithering between the two on their feelings. And you can see that they have some problems to overcome, mainly he is married with another family and he is having an affair with someone who is looking for a family of her own and he destroys her trust in relationships. But you can see what they go through to find their true family relationship at the end of the book.  I think the development of the story itself and the entertainment deserves 5 sighs.

2 responses to “Going Greek by Lelani Black A Book Review by Teri Harmon

  1. Oh my gee, thank you so very much, Teri! This wonderful review of yours gave me 5 sighs! Thanks so much, again 🙂

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