Fated For Sacrifice by Claire Ashgrove

Title: Fated For Sacrifice : Book V of the Inherited Damnation Series

Author: Clairie Ashgrove

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sighs : 5

Where To Buy:   www.amazon.com/Immortal-Sacrifice-ClaireAshgrove/


     Very well written and a great theme! I loved the characters and how they were   interacted in the book. The book is a paranormal romance. And made me want the entire series.

    Reece was abandoned during a storm by her now ex boyfriend. A friend of both helps her and they give in to the feelings they had for each other for a long time. Daire in not a real human although the love he has for Reece is as real as it gets. He and his family are demons. They are on a mission to save everyone from the darkness of evil. They need something his mother had enchanted to help save the world and it is his duty to find the fourth piece  so  everyone is saved. Can he save the world and keep Reece as his mortal love.

   You need to read this for the answer and how it all comes together. I was surprised by how it falls into place. I like a book who I think ends one way but ends differently .


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