Title: Crimson Sunrise

Genre: Paranormal

Sighs: 5

Buy Links:    Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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This book has everything! Werewolves,Vampires,Suggestive sex,romance,UN-requited love,danger, were fights. Extremely well written and a great storyline. I enjoyed it so much and read it in one evening. And it is a novel not novella,I just could not put it down. Very suspenseful . I could very easy spoil your reading pleasure  by saying to much about this one. I liked it that much.

Emma and Caleb are in love. But she was in danger,and both hope it is over. The prince of the True Vampires wants her  and intends to have her. As Caleb and Emma try to plan a life together danger has started again. Caleb’s sister Sammie get’s kidnapped as well as other females from the packs. An old love of Emma has been asked to help protect her. But is used against her along with her own parents.The pack tries everything to protect Emma but things happen.

Such a good story and it holds your attention.

I so hope there is a sequel to this because I see two possible story’s in this one.


6 responses to “CRIMSON SUNRISE by J.A.SAARE

  1. Hi,

    May I please send you a book for possible review?

    Sebastian Cole

  2. …All requests go threw April and then she has to request the book and send it to me or anyone you want to review for you. I am honored you want me to review your book.

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