A Wife By Christmas by Callie Hutton

Genre : Contemporary Romace

Title : A Wife By Christmas

Author : Callie Hutton

Sighs : 5

reviewed by Jeanette

Where to by :





      This book is so well written , I loved the cover also. It is sweet,fiesty,romantic,has good details for the 1900’s in Oklahoma. I loved that era in history.

    Ellie and Max prove opposites can attract. Max id reserved bordering on being staid. Ellie is a freedom loving woman for Woman’s Rights. Max decides Ellie needs a husband so he can get her out of his school. But Ellie has other plans also. They do not include Max anymore than his do her.Max has a main plan for his life.

Every man Max has tried to thrust into her life he finds so much wrong with.  Callie cannot understand why when Max asks her to meet him there are always other men along.

Christmas is near. Callie has baskets to deliver to the poor for her school class. Even though Max told her it was not seemly or woman like for her to do so. Now comes the fun. Because Max’s plans are in for a major change.

This is just such a nice read. Any romance reader will love it . There are great references for the 1900’s and what woman went thru at times.


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