A Run For Love by Callie Hutton


Genre: Historic Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Jeanette

Title:A Run For Love

Author:Callie Hutton

Sighs 5

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A extremely well written book.Has a very good theme .Well written and well told. This a great historical romance set in the 1800’s during the land race in the Indian Territory  in Ok. during 1889.

Tori was raising the children of her dead brother when she was told she had 14 days to remove herself from her brothers home. She saw the ad for free homesteads in the Oklahoma Territory. She decided she was moving her niece’s and nephews to Oklahoma. She met Jessie during the journey and tried to discourage him in every way. She wanted no parts of men anymore. Jessie wanted her but couldn’t get her to let him try to court her. When they got their land they found they were side by side . In time they got together but they faced so many trails . Their faith in God and family and eventually in their selves.

I loved this book. It has so much to offer to people who love good themes for love,with only a trace of suggestive sex. I Recommend this book highly!


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