Tessa’s Treasures by Callie Hutton

Reviewed by Jeanette

Title:Tessa’s Treasures

Author:Callie Hutton

Genre: Romance

Sighs: 5

Buy link:   http://www.thewildrosepress.com/

I loved the way this book was written and the theme! It kept my attention all the way from the first chapter . I was a romance but yet had drama and mystery to it. Mild adult scenes. I recommend you read this one!

Tessa have came home to recover eight years ago from an abusive marriage. She was still traumatized and feared men and love.

Lucas came home to find Tessa if he was lucky. He also had a bad marriage  which ended when his wife died. But he never got over Tessa.

When Lucas walked into her shop after 25 years Tessa started to feel again. Lucas gave her some things from the house he bought and in the boxes was a doll and a journal about the doll. Seems Tessa was now cursed until it was broken by true love.

Tessa’s husband got out of the prison he had been put in for his crimes against Tessa.

Between the curse and Tessa’s ex she was having nothing but bad luck and now after reading the journal she felt she and Lucas could not be together. Lucas was not having that. He had waited to long for her.

There is a lot of love and drama in this book. I especially liked the idea of love being regained.  If contemporary  romance is your favorite genre you need to read this book ! I so enjoyed it.

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