Bull At The Gate by Tricia Jones

Title: Bull At The Gate

Author: Tricia Jones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sighs: 5

Reviewed by: Jeanette

Buy Link : www.amazon.com/BullatGateTriciaJones/dp/160154975X



A very good book! It has love and sorrow,betrayal , suggestive sex, a good plot and very well written. I found it a lot like real life romance. I recommend this book a great deal!

Dee owned a whimsical shop in a small town. She believed strongly in loyalty and protecting her town from harm.

Alex was a business man who loved two things. Making money and his daughter.

Alex had never met a woman as irritating as Dee. She was feisty and got on his last nerve and he wanted her. He didn’t like her but had to have her. Dee didn’t like Alex either and hated how attracted she was to him. They fought over everything,then kissed as if they couldn’t stand not too. It didn’t help they had different values or that every time they were near each other they had to touch. And then they got mad all over again. The sale of the Fairy Gate was their main reason to fight. They could not reach an impasse . He was willing she was not. Then a secret came out as to who really owned the land the Fairy gate . Can they overcome lies and greed and finally allow themselves to just love.

2 responses to “Bull At The Gate by Tricia Jones

  1. Thank you, Jeanette, for a lovely review. So pleased you enjoyed Dee and Alex’s story.

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