Dustin’s Gamble by J.J. Ranger

Dustin's Gamble

Title: Dustin’s Gamble
Author: J.J. Ranger
Genre: erotica
Buy Link: http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=87&products_id=844

Sighs: 4 sighs

Review –

It has been years since Shannon has been back to the Dumen Ranch. Even all those years when she returned home to she never dared to come back to the ranch. Always afraid of the pain that a visit would bring she avoided the ranch and more importantly Dustin Dumen every visit home but now she is back and must not only deal with her past but her Grandmothers passing as well.

I have loved each and every one of my visits to the Dumen Ranch and this visit was no different. Shannon and Dustin are a great couple. Shannon is an independent woman who loves with all her heart and Dustin is a strong man who tries to give Shannon the room she needs to make her own choices. Even after all these years apart the love is still strong between Shannon and Dustin but misunderstandings and their past may keep them apart. I loved watching the two rekindle their relationship and seeing them try to work through it all was a wonderful read. This is a fast paced story full of strong emotions that pulls the reader in right from the start. Not only do we get a hot read but we also get a beautiful romance with this book.

Reviewed by Gabrielle


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