Meet our reviewers

Kaye Blose
I am a 60 year old woman who reads like a fiend. I read on the average 5-6 books per week.(Sometimes more)
I love romance and paranormal romance most.But will read almost any genre of book.
I live in sever pain and books are my get away from the pain. When I read I’m “in” the book and nothing can touch me.
I have made many “author” friends over the years and enjoy talking to them about books as well as everyday life. It is fun getting the input from them about books and life!
I am an aspiring author. It would be fun to be published but for now the 2 books I have written have been for myself and friends only. I am now working on a third book.

I am a working mother of two boys who loves reading and writing and am lucky enough to get to put both of them together with reviewing. I enjoy just about any genre and love to give my honest opinion. If I am not reading or writing you can find me enjoying the outdoors and being a proud bragging mom.

Danica Malone
I’m a single mother with a beautiful daughter. I work a lot, so when I get time to myself, I love to read just about anything.

Callie Hutton
I’ve been making up stories in my head since elementary school, and writing since I learned to type in high school. I have three Historical Western Romance books finished, all pre-published.
Being a History major in college, it follows that I write Historical Romance. Oh, I also like falling in love — did it myself and now I enjoy writing about it. And yes, I fall in love with all my heroes.
Although we’ve lived in several states, Oklahoma is where I’ve hung my hat for the last several years, but I hail from New Jersey. I’m an Okie-Jersey girl. And proud of it.
My hubby of 35 years supports me in all my ventures, truly being the wind beneath my wings. We have three children, with only my 19 year old still at home. And we’re happy to have our two dogs share their home with us. WebsiteFacebook

Patricia Pellicane
Patricia Pellicane lives with her husband on Long Island in New York. Her six children live in neighboring towns as do most of her fifteen grandchildren. Her favorite hobby is reading. Patricia insists her ideas for stories come while doing dishes. “Could anything be more boring? It’s nearly impossible to keep your mind from wandering.” In a recent interview she was asked. How hard or easy is it for you to write? Patricia returned with, “Someone once wrote. ‘Writing is easy. All you have to do is put a sheet of paper in a typewriter and stare at it until blood forms on your forehead’. Sometimes writing is exactly like that. And other times it’s a wondrous happening where words flow from mind to fingers to computer screen almost without conscious thought. It doesn’t matter which way it works for you. Once a writer begins the journey, they’re hooked. It’s a drug and you can’t stop looking for that next story, that next high.”

Patricia’s fans can contact her at, or stop in at her website.
Click under Books for a list of her twenty two printed published books and About Me to catch a glimpse of what Patricia thinks about life in general and more.

Our resident LGBT romance ‘expert’ reviewer L. E. Harvey

L. E. Harvey is an author from Philadelphia, PA. A fun, vivacious, studious, and very creative person, L. E. Harvey brings life to all of her various forms of work.

L. E. Harvey is a writer and model from Harleysville, PA. L. E. Harvey is also an activist for human rights, animal rights, women’s rights, and gay rights. When L. E. is not writing or working on the political scene, she models as a pinup and “alt” (alternative) model.
Visit her website.

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