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Under a Rodeo Moon by Roni Adams

Title: Under a Rodeo Moon
Author: Roni Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Sighs: 4 sighs

Carrie Montgomery has given up her life of luxury to chase down bull rider, Dusty Wulfsen, who she walked out on. She sells her fancy car, gives up her home and takes a job as a waitress in a town she knows he’ll be coming to soon.

Dusty is literally thrown to his butt when he sees the woman who tore him up sitting in the stands when he makes his ride. What is Carrie doing in Wayback, Texas? She was supposed to be married to some rich guy and living large. At least that’s what she told him when she gave him an ultimatum that he refused six months ago.

Under a Rodeo Moon was a delightful, romantic read. Carrie is one determined lady, but her softness comes through. She gives up a lot to show her cowboy she means business. Dusty is one hot bull rider that I fell in love with right away. The story is fresh, the characters strong, and the ending satisfying.

I highly recommend Ms. Adams’ Under a Rodeo Moon, and suggest you get your copy and settle in for a real cowboy ride!

By: Callie Hutton,
Author: Oklahoma Lovers Series


Some Like It In Handcuffs

Title: Some Like it in Handcuffs
Author: Christine Warner
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Sighs: 5

P. I. Sunny Kennedy has been fighting all her life to be recognized in a family of all males. Now, she has the opportunity to prove herself. She’s been hired to solve a cold murder case. Before she gets very far in her research, she’s handcuffed and dragged to the police station during a raid of the club where she uses her bartender’s job to gather evidence.
Judson Blackwolf, the hot detective who snaps those cuffs, has been assigned to assist Sunny in the case by her father, the Chief of Police. Despite her objections, she’s told it’s a take or leave it situation. If she wants access to police records, Judson will be her partner.
Judson and Sunny clash from the first time he places his hand on her head to ease her into the police car. But neither can deny the strong attraction between them, even though Sunny has no use for relationships, and Judson is moving out of state once this assignment ends.
Some Like It In Handcuffs is a funny, sweet story of two strong personalities each trying to have their own way. Ms. Warner’s debut novel is sharp, quick-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable. Sunny is sassy enough to tickle your innards, and Judson enough of an alpha male to accelerate your heartbeat.
If you’re looking for a cozy weekend read either in front of the fireplace, or on the beach, pick up a copy of Some Like It In Handcuffs by debut author Christine Warner.

Protecting Rose by Cheryl Yeko

Title: Protecting Rose
Author: Cheryl Yeko
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Sighs: 5

A woman awakes from a car accident with no memory of who she is. The handsome detective who finds her names her “Rose.” In a very short period of time, it’s obvious someone tried to kill her and when they didn’t succeed, they tried again. Detective Nate Stone moves her to a safe house, but the biggest danger for him is not the killer, but what Rose is doing to his heart.

Protecting Rose has it all. Love, danger, action, snappy dialog and a well developed story and characters. Kudos to Cheryl Yeko for an excellent start to what will surely be an amazing career.

Highland Legacy by B. J. Scott

Highland Legacy
By: B. J. Scott
Genre: Historical Romance
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Sighs: 5
Reviewed by: Callie Hutton

Cailin Macmillan is appalled to learn her father has arranged for her to marry a Laird thrice her age. Determined to marry for love or not at all, she flees the keep, only to be accosted by brutal English soldiers intent on raping her.

Highland patriot, Connor Fraser, comes to her defense, and escorts her back to the castle. However, upon hearing that she is being sought for the murder of the soldier Connor killed, Cailin leaves her lifelong home dressed as a lad. She follows Connor and his brothers who carry a missive to Robert the Bruce, self-proclaimed King of Scotland. It is with the Bruce that Cailin hopes to seek refuge from her would-be captors.
Connor has vowed revenge for the death of his family, and has no time or inclination to marry. Nevertheless, in order to keep Cailin safe, he declares her his wife, with the intention of an annulment when they reach their destination.

With a vindictive English lord on Cailin’s trail to bring her to England for murder, Connor is torn between his steadfast dedication to king and country, his desire for Cailin, and his need to protect her from the hated English.

Highland Legacy is a book that is impossible to put down. The wealth of intrigue, horror, and historical accuracy makes for a riveting tale. The characters are well developed, the plot intricate. Ms. Scott has written a tense and spellbinding debut novel. This book is without a doubt, one of the finer stories of Medieval Scotland I’ve ever read.

Connor Fraser and Cailin Macmillian will capture your heart. Their passion, strength and honor will remain with you long after you’ve read the last page of their remarkable story. Don’t miss out on this one.

Love’s Guardian by Dawn Ireland

Title: Love’s Guardian
Author: Dawn Ireland
Genre: Historical Romance
Sighs: 5
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Alex Kendrick’s life takes a dark turn when her beloved grandfather dies. But things quickly go from bad to worse when she discovers he appointed a guardian for her. Why would he chose Declan Deveraux, Earl of Worthington, the man she resents for turning her life upside down once before?

The Earl, however, wants to get Alex married off as quickly as possible. Because he likes her. And Declan has no intention of getting involved with a woman he likes. He wants a wife he could never fall in love with, so he chooses a spoiled, self-centered woman as a prospective bride.

Little does Declan know Alex has other ideas–and they include him. Can she change his mind about marrying for love?

I thoroughly enjoyed Love’s Guardian. Dawn Ireland has written a rich, enjoyable story with characters you’ll remember for a long time. Rapier-wielding Alex is an independent, strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. The Earl of Worthington doesn’t have a chance.
Review by: Callie Hutton

Loving the Knight

Title: Loving the Knight
Author: Kris Tualla
Genre: Historical
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Sighs: 5

Eryndal Smythe Bell of Castleton is hiding a secret. The Lady of le Bell is no lady at all, but she bears the title and assumes the responsibility for the household and its young heir, William.
All would be fine if Lord Andrew Drummond hadn’t made an unexpected visit on behalf of King David II, held in the Tower of London for seven years as prisoner of England’s King Edward III. Drew, as the Scottish king’s main connection with the country he reigns over, has been traveling all over Scotland at the king’s behest. He is to assess the damage from the Black Death that has devastated the country; the country King David expects to raise the ransom to secure his freedom.
The knight is impressed with the smooth running of Castleton, as well as its Lady. Eryn is tall, graceful, and confident. After months of viewing the horror caused by the Death, he is only too happy to pass some peaceful time at Castleton, before he returns to the king with his troubling report.
Eryn knows that assuming a title that was not hers is a punishable offence, even death. And Drew is certain this lovely lady is hiding something. But the pull between them is causing more problems. Her fear of being discovered, and his determination to uncover her secret, adds even more tension to their developing attraction.
Loving the Knight kept me up nights. It was difficult to put the book down, many chores went undone. Kristin Tualla has woven a tale of love and fear with splendid results. The anxiety and loneliness of Eryn came through so effectively, it tore at my heart. Her determination to keep Castleton afloat, even using treasonous methods at times, brought remarkable strength to this character. Drew’s feelings of protection and concern, and growing love for this enigmatic woman won me over whole heartedly.
Well developed secondary characters rounded out the story nicely, making it a truly enjoyable read. Warning: Don’t start this book late at night!  –Review by Callie Hutton —

Loving the Norseman by Kris Tualla

Genre: Historical
Author: Kris Tualla
Title: Loving the Norseman
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Sighs: 5
The Black Death has decimated Scotland, wiped out most of Grier MacInnes’s family, and killed her chances for marriage three times. The only members of the MacInnes family left are her and twenty year old Logan, cousin and laird of Durness.
A gifted healer, Grier spots two men floating in Balnakeil Bay outside the walls of Durness Castle during a horrific storm. One is already dead, the second is alive, but near drowning and dragging a broken leg. Grier and Logan pull Rydar Martin Petter-Edvard Hansen and his travel companion from the water. Grier sets Rydar’s leg and begins the healing process for the man who speaks only Norwegian, but quickly learns enough Scottish to captivate her.
With the town of Durness emptied of all young, viable men, Grier sees her life stretched before her as bleak and endless as a stormy winter sky over the North Sea. Her cousin will marry soon, and his fifteen year old bride will displace her. Not a lot to look forward to.
Despite the strong attraction and admiration he feels for the strong and compassionate healer, Rydar is anxious to return to the sea and find his way to Arendal, Norway to claim his inheritance.
Could he be the means for Grier to have the life she’s always dreamed of? Or will her Viking sail away and leave her to play maid to the new Lady of the castle?
Kris Tualla’s fourth book in the Hansen series delivers all the love, treachery and romance of the previous three. Loving the Norseman is a great read, and an enjoyable peek into yet another set of solid characters and their fascinating story.

Callie Hutton
A Run For Love, Soul Mate Publishing, 2011