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Lover’s Gamble by Jennifer Ann Coffeen

Lover’s Gamble
Jennifer Ann Coffeen
Historical Romance
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Sighs: 4.5

Sophie Hartlend likes to play with fire.

The reckless and beautiful Miss Sophie has spent her young life doing whatever she pleases without much consequence—except for that one night when passions went too far with the maddeningly handsome Lord Rayburn.

Months after their encounter, Sophie’s newfound infatuation with gambling has landed her in trouble, threatening her precious independence. Lord Rayburn gallantly offers to help, but he insists the wild Miss Sophie do things his way. Once again they find themselves in a battle of wills, attracted but with opposing views.

Will Sophie relent when she discovers she must lay down all her cards in order to win Lord Rayburn’s heart?

Lively characters and great world-building skills make this book a great one. It’s a spicy and funny romp through history. I enjoyed it very much. My only complaint is that it was too short, because when it ended, I wanted more.
Danica Malone

Outrageous Behavior by Amy Corwin

Outrageous Behavior
Amy Corwin
Historical Romance
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Sighs: 4

As the Season in London comes to a close, Laura finds herself in a predicament. The one man she is attracted to has neglected to make an offer for her, and her family wants her to accept the proposal of a fortune-hunter. Determined not to let propriety stand in the way of her future happiness, she resorts to outrageous behavior to escape the damp grasp of the wrong man—and to discover true love in the arms of another.

This very cute and somewhat naughty story gave this reviewer a number of giggles. I read historical romance wondering how women survived in such a time where you weren’t allowed to speak your mind.I imagine this was it. Women rebelled in their own minds, and the most brave actually spoke. Ms. Corwin has a great sense of character, and I would certainly recommend this book for the fantastic heroine. It’s a great short story.

Danica Malone

The Unwanted Heiress by Olivia Ritch

The Unwanted Heiress
Olivia Ritch
Historical Romance
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Sighs: 3.5

I wasn’t as taken in with this story as I was with past historical romances I’ve read. I don’t like misunderstanding plot lines. I did like the sensuality of this story. Ms. Ritch has a good grasp of the sensual, and I found myself drawn into the story at a number of points. I really would like to read another book from this author to solidify my opinion of her work, but all in all, I’d recommend this shorty.
Danica Malone

Through Your Eyes by Jo Barrett

Title: Through Your Eyes

Author: Jo Barrett

Genre: Contemporary Sweetheart Rosette

Link:Through Your Eyes

4 sighs


Patience was not one of Belle Gregory’s virtues. So when she finds herself lying flat on her back in the sand with a lone male body on top of her, she curses her loss of sight. But the doctor’s say she will see again, a fact that has Adam Parker very worried. He has no choice but to live with the damage done to his face by a roadside bomb more than a year ago, but can Belle? Or will she see only the scars and not what’s in his heart?

Through Your Eyes

Belle Gregory has been temporarily blinded by a car accident. At least she hopes it’s temporary. Her best friend/nurse, Dee, has taken her to the beach for some R&R. Far from self assured, or confident, she is sometimes annoyed at her awkwardness, sometimes desperately afraid.

While at the beach Adam runs into her while a group of people are playing ball. Even though she can’t see and he, because of injures suffered to one side of his face, during the war, just might not want her to see, the two are attracted to each other.

Here is a story of two young people who, because of imperfections, believe they aren’t worthy of love. As they come to know each other that notion slowly begins to change.

Sweet and delicately touching, Ms. Barrett has created a story that brings these two characters to life. With feelings that we all can recognize and failings that every one of us can own, she has the reader only liking them more. You’ll find yourself rooting for the hero and heroine to open up and take what is offered to them.

As it should, this story leaves the reader happy to have spent their time reading this piece. I liked it very much.

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane

In the Cards By Cynthia Selwyn

Title: In the Cards
Author: Cynthia Selwyn
Genre: Erotic contemporary romance
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4 sighs

Alexandrea Taylor is a romance writer. At a conference she’s asked by her editor to write erotica. Alex doesn’t think she knows how. She certainly can’t imagine how to begin when she can’t even say certain words. Her editor gives her a deck of cards to loosen her up some and help her imagination along.

Then comes Zack O’Connor, Mr. Luscious. Zack, a long time friend is thee alpha male, the one man on which Alex has based her every hero.

Zack, rugged, gorgeous cowboy, turns heads to be sure, but Zack isn’t interested in being a boy toy. He wants one woman, has wanted her for as long as he can remember.

Platonic friends Alex and Zack are sharing a room. Alex can let her hair down with this guy. She tells him her problem. There’s big money in store, but how is she supposed to write up an erotic outline, when she hasn’t got a clue as to where to start. Yes, she has these cards, but…

Zack is willing to help out his friend and Alex agrees that a few days of sex play should do the trick. They are both adults and it’s only sex, after all. What could go wrong?

Ms. Selwyn has the crowds of women at the conference breathless as they watch this man either walk through their midst or work a horse. Equally she leaves the reader as breathless as the fantasy carries them through a playful romp packed full of delicious sexual fun.

A page turner of steamy, sex runs through much of the story and causes the reader some breathless moments as we watch two people fall in love. You won’t be sorry if you pick up this one up. One question. Where the heck can I find this guy?

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane

His Five Favorite Lines by Gina Gordon

Title: His Five Favorite Lines
Author: Gina Gordon
Genre: Contemporary Erotic
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3 sighs

Coffee, hot sex scenes, and funny, cheesy lines. What more could a girl want? How about some answers to simple questions? The one big problem I had with this story is: why did she forget her attraction for him? How would a week make her decide the hot sex with her crush no longer meant anything? I’m a fan of crushes, and this one left me a little flat at first. The execution was great, but the premise just didn’t get me.
If you’re looking for a sexy read, and you haven’t read the first story, I would recommend this book. If you’ve read the other, I’d just suggest you keep this review in mind. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot.


His Trick, Her Treat by RJ Fury

Title: His Trick, Her Treat
Author: RJ Fury
Genre: Erotica, contemporary
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Sighs: 4

While trick or treating with her niece, Tracy has been invited to a party. Reed lives across the street and is the new accountant at Tracy’s company.

Tracy jumps at the chance. She’s been trying to get the hunk’s attention for some time.

Tracy arrives for the party only to find Reed has tricked her. There is no party, unless you count the private party he’s looking to have with her.

Tracy’s no fool. She welcomes his advances and because he’s tricked her, it’s now time for her treat.

WOW! If you like it hot and deliciously sexy, you’re going to love this all too quick read. R. J. Fury writes a sexy story that leaves the reader wanting more. He has the ability to bring the action to life. You can feel it, smell it and taste all he offers.

Be warned this is explicit and delightful.

If you’re into steamy sex, and who isn’t? You’re going to love this quick read.

My only complaint was I wanted to read more.

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane