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The Haunted Spring by Anthony Diesso


Title: The Haunted Spring
Author: Anthony Diesso
Genre: Contemporary with Paranormal Elements
Buy Link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thehauntedspring-945751-140.html

Sighs: 5 sighs


Jay Bennett, a comfortably maladjusted man in his early 20’s, finds Anna LaMonica knocking on his apartment door, looking for someone else. Seeing more of each other, however, they quickly fall in love. After overcoming an extended separation, as well as hostile family and friends, they marry and begin a new life together.

But Anna’s sudden death during childbirth leaves Jay to watch over their infant, born premature and requiring an extensive hospital stay. Grief-stricken, helpless, and alone, he is tormented by apparitions of his lost wife, recalling their love and ruined hopes. These apparitions, at times horrifying, at others pathetic, yet others darkly alluring, threaten to crack loose his grip on reality. Attempting to overcome such frightening occurrences, he struggles to piece together his life, to pull some sanity and hope out of the world around him, and to become a good father to his newborn son.


Jay is a quirky and funny guy who is making his way through life as best he can when Anna knocks on his door and disrupts his life. He finds himself in the midst of a courtship whirlwind and his staid and almost boring life changes drastically. With a pregnant wife, he prepares to settle into the new world of father and husband, but life throws him another monkey wrench. Instead of finishing the nursery and welcoming a healthy newborn, his wife dies, his son ends up in the NICU, and his sanity is tested by ghostly visitations.

Mr. Diesso’s debut is full of romance, humor, and emotion. His writing is almost like poetry at times, it’s so beautiful. His characters are real and honest, even when they make mistakes. All in all, I would recommend this book, and it’s made its way to my keeper pile, for sure.

The Haunted Spring is the hauntingly beautiful and achingly sweet story of a man who loves a woman so much he can’t let her go, even when she’s gone. I really loved this story and if I could give it six sighs, I would. 5 sighs.