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Charming Dave by Doreen Alsen

Title:Charming Dave

Author: Doreen Alsen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sighs: 5

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This was a really good book. It touched on a few different things not usually seen in a romance book. It was well written and thought out. I recommend it very highly.

Ainslie was a single mother who was starting her life over after surviving a corrupt husband who stole millions of friends and others money. She moved to protect her three children so they could lead a normal life.

Dave  was the school principal and at first thought Ainslie as a bad waitress and very clumsy. Until he met her at his school regarding her son. One look into her eyes and seeing her smile and he was a goner. He finally was able to get her to go out with him . And the more he got to know her the closer they became and fell in love. He came to love her three children as his own and wanted to protect them from all hurt the same as he wanted to protect Ainslie.

But her children got into some trouble at school or with other students. Her oldest daughter got into the wrong crowd and she dated the star player on the football team. When he tried to basically hurt her and force her to have sex her, brother went to the school and hit  him. The football player had his friends help  beat up Rourk ,the brother , and hurt him very bad.

This book brooch’s on  a lot of topics. Such as a young teenage boy letting those he loves know he’s gay, students being bullies both in school and by phone and internet. Love and the way single mothers have to be sure the man they love can be accepting of her children.

Areally good read for all.

Cassidy’s War by Susan Macatee

Title: Cassidy’s War

Author: Susan Macatee

Genre: Historical Contemporary Romance


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Reviewd by: Jeanette/WykedFairie

A very good read.Written well and a good plot! I recommend it to any who love this genre of book ! I enjoyed reading this a lot!

Cassidy and George had once been on the verge of getting married. But 2 days before the wedding George left her and didn’t come back. But now five years later he has come home. He still love’s Cassidy and wants her back. Cassidy has mixed feelings because although she still loves him she does not want to get hurt again by the man who basically left her at the alter. But George is determined as well has another reason for coming back. He is now a Pinkerton agent and is here to get information on the new doctor in town. Dr. Madison is a cruel and deceitful man and attacked a woman who was a patient . The new doctor also wants Cassidy,not because he loves her but for his own evil gain.

George and Cassidy have a lot to overcome to regain their love and also get information on the doctor. But love is a strong motivation.

An Unlikely Bond by Herb Hamlet

Title:An Unlikely Bond

Author: Herb Hamlet

Genre: Contemporary Romance Novel


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This was such a great book.So well written and thought out! Gives such insight to War time from all involved from family, friends, and the  solders and the  nurses and doctors who served. How they dealt with being prisoners of war and what happened at home.

Virginia and Greg  served during the war in 1943. A time in our past that helped build a foundation  to the future. The Japanese  had captured Virginia and she was a prisoner along with her friends and killed her friends.Greg found Virginia in the jungles of Borneo after she has escaped being killed. After a rocky and slow start they fell slowly in love.

After a short time they were both captured again and separated and were told by the Japs that the other had been killed. Both grieved deeply and knew that no other would ever take the place of the one they loved.

After several years and some major interference they were once again together.

If you love reading about love, about war stories and how people dealt with their feelings during that time in their life ,you will love this book.

Exceptionally well written and thought out.

Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole

Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole

Title: Sand Dollar

Author:Sebastian Cole

Genre:  Romance


reviewed by Jeanette

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This was a wonderful read! I seldom read this type of book but I am so happy I did. It is written with such feeling,so well writen and just grips you. It is a wonderful story full of love gained and love lost. It is so emotional.

Robin is so full of energy and life. She finds wonder in simple things. But has a secret that almost destroys her true love.

Noah is looking for something in his life that “he” wants not what is expected of him or told to do.

They met and fell almost instantly in love.His parents don’t think Robin is good enough for Noah. She has no money,has what they think is a low class job,she is not Jewish.Plus she is a single parent. Noah loves her for who she is not what she should have. They want to get married,but she has to sign a prenup,which she does not want to do. There starts the journey of love gained and lost.They get married and then shortly later divorced. Noah is totally devastated . You need to follow this and see how it turns out. This is a must read for anyone who loves pure romance. Get tissues and something to drink because you will need both.

A Run For Love by Callie Hutton


Genre: Historic Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Jeanette

Title:A Run For Love

Author:Callie Hutton

Sighs 5

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A extremely well written book.Has a very good theme .Well written and well told. This a great historical romance set in the 1800’s during the land race in the Indian Territory  in Ok. during 1889.

Tori was raising the children of her dead brother when she was told she had 14 days to remove herself from her brothers home. She saw the ad for free homesteads in the Oklahoma Territory. She decided she was moving her niece’s and nephews to Oklahoma. She met Jessie during the journey and tried to discourage him in every way. She wanted no parts of men anymore. Jessie wanted her but couldn’t get her to let him try to court her. When they got their land they found they were side by side . In time they got together but they faced so many trails . Their faith in God and family and eventually in their selves.

I loved this book. It has so much to offer to people who love good themes for love,with only a trace of suggestive sex. I Recommend this book highly!


A Wife By Christmas by Callie Hutton

Genre : Contemporary Romace

Title : A Wife By Christmas

Author : Callie Hutton

Sighs : 5

reviewed by Jeanette

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      This book is so well written , I loved the cover also. It is sweet,fiesty,romantic,has good details for the 1900’s in Oklahoma. I loved that era in history.

    Ellie and Max prove opposites can attract. Max id reserved bordering on being staid. Ellie is a freedom loving woman for Woman’s Rights. Max decides Ellie needs a husband so he can get her out of his school. But Ellie has other plans also. They do not include Max anymore than his do her.Max has a main plan for his life.

Every man Max has tried to thrust into her life he finds so much wrong with.  Callie cannot understand why when Max asks her to meet him there are always other men along.

Christmas is near. Callie has baskets to deliver to the poor for her school class. Even though Max told her it was not seemly or woman like for her to do so. Now comes the fun. Because Max’s plans are in for a major change.

This is just such a nice read. Any romance reader will love it . There are great references for the 1900’s and what woman went thru at times.