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Deacon’s Touch by Callie Croix

Title:Deacon’s Touch
Author:Callie Croix
Genre: Erotica
Buy Link:http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=182&products_id=840
4 sighs

Review –

When Jessica agrees to go to the Dumen Ranch for Bridgette’s bachelorette party she never expected to meet a man like Deacon. Jessica envisioned a quiet weekend enjoying the outdoors and having some fun with the girls but after meeting Deacon those are the last things on her mind. Will Jessica find the fun she longs for this weekend or will she let it pass her by?

I really enjoyed meeting Deacon and Jessica. Deacon is a strong man inside and out. He may be a little battle scarred but Jessica sees past that to the man that Deacon truly is. Jessica is a confident woman who loves with all her heart. The two make a wonderful couple. Watching their relationship grow made for a great read. There is so much depth and emotion through out their story. The love that they show for each other shines through in everything that they do even as they try to fight it. Deacon is such a good man and tries so hard to fight his feelings for Jessica all because he thinks he is not worthy of someone like her. I loved seeing both Jessica and Deacon ready to fight for their love and never give up on it.

Callie Croix does a great job of bringing these characters and their world to life. This book grabbed me right from the very first page and had me glued to my seat turning the pages and hoping that Jessica and Deacon would find their happy ever after.

Reviewed by Gabrielle


Dustin’s Gamble by J.J. Ranger

Dustin's Gamble

Title: Dustin’s Gamble
Author: J.J. Ranger
Genre: erotica
Buy Link: http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=87&products_id=844

Sighs: 4 sighs

Review –

It has been years since Shannon has been back to the Dumen Ranch. Even all those years when she returned home to she never dared to come back to the ranch. Always afraid of the pain that a visit would bring she avoided the ranch and more importantly Dustin Dumen every visit home but now she is back and must not only deal with her past but her Grandmothers passing as well.

I have loved each and every one of my visits to the Dumen Ranch and this visit was no different. Shannon and Dustin are a great couple. Shannon is an independent woman who loves with all her heart and Dustin is a strong man who tries to give Shannon the room she needs to make her own choices. Even after all these years apart the love is still strong between Shannon and Dustin but misunderstandings and their past may keep them apart. I loved watching the two rekindle their relationship and seeing them try to work through it all was a wonderful read. This is a fast paced story full of strong emotions that pulls the reader in right from the start. Not only do we get a hot read but we also get a beautiful romance with this book.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Dane’s Restraint by J.J. Ranger

Title: Dane’s Restraint
Author: J.J. Ranger
Genre: Erotica
Buy Link: http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=87&products_id=886

Sighs: 4 sighs

Review –

Tired of being the shy and quiet one Sara decides that she is going to let loose at her cousin’s bachelorette party this weekend. When she meets Dane she throws all caution to the wind and hopes for the best. Only things may not go as easy as Sara plans when her ex boyfriend decides he wants her back. As if she doesn’t have enough to worry about as she tries her luck at seducing one hot cowboy.

I really enjoyed this story. Dane is a good man. He may not be looking for love and someone to settle down with but it looks as if love has found him. I loved Sara; she is a strong woman when she needs to be. Watching Sara find her self as she begins to try to seduce Dane was a great read. The two make a wonderful couple. The sparks ignite right from the beginning and seeing them grow into so much more as the story goes on made for a nice read. Not only do Sara and Dane burn up the pages but they also find love. This author does a wonderful job of bringing the Dumen Ranch and its inhabitants to life. Making the reader feel as if they are visiting family not just characters in a book. This fast paced read grabbed my attention right from the start and kept it all the way to the end. I enjoyed my visit to the ranch and hope that I get to visit again sometime soon.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Taste Of Candy by Shoshanna Evers

Title: Taste Of Candy
Author: Shoshanna Evers
Genre: Erotica
Buy Link: http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=833

Sighs: 4 sighs

Review –

Many of us have had the fantasy of catching and keeping that rocker bad boy. In this book Candace gets to live that fantasy out. Winning a date with lead singer Dave Roads begins Candace’s journey. Never in her wildest dreams did Candace think that anything like this would ever happen to someone like her. Dave is more than just a bad boy and he finds that he has more than a passing fancy when it comes to Candace but will she take a chance on him?

I enjoyed watching Candace and Dave hit it off. I got to watch their relationship bloom from attraction to so much more. The sparks ignite from the start between the two and turn into fireworks as the story proceeds. Dave is a wonderful man and continues to show Candace just how much he cares for her all the way to the end. I loved watching Candace bloom under his love and she finds herself enjoying some BDSM play along the way. The two make a wonderful couple. So in tune with each other and willing to fight for their love, making this one hot read. This book not only brings us a hot and daring read but also a wonderful romance. Fast – paced and full of emotion this is a book that should not be missed.


Rawhide: Slapping Leather by Desiree Holt

Title: Rawhide: Slapping Leather
Author: Desiree Holt
Genre: BDSM
Buy Link: http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=177&products_id=835

Sighs: 3.5
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Review –

How does a person know that they have met the one person that is perfect for them? Would you be able to tell? Ranch owner Elizabeth Gillibrand may have met her match in Alex Wright. The sparks ignite right from their very first meeting and only burn more intensely as the story goes on. The two make a wonderful couple but Elizabeth cannot commit to more than a few play sessions. As Alex tries to win Elizabeth’s trust we see her begin to open up again and enjoy herself. Elizabeth is a strong woman who finally decides to take a chance and try to live her life again. While the relationship between Elizabeth and Alex was a hot read I would have liked to see a little more depth and interaction between the two outside of the club. There is not a lot of attention paid to Elizabeth’s past and her intimacy problems. I think that a little more attention to those things would have made this a better read for me.

While this book may have not been a favorite for me I still enjoyed the book. The author does a good job of keeping the reader’s interest. I was pulled into Elizabeth and Alex’s world right from the beginning and kept turning those pages to see if they would find their happy ever after.

Saddle Up by Marie Tuhart

Title: QuickSilver Ranch: Saddle Up
Author: Marie Tuhart
Genre: Contemporary erotica, BDSM
Buy Link: http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=87&products_id=831

Sighs: 3.5 sighs
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Review –

After her good friends wedding Angie finds herself making a deal with Jared. Spending two weeks with him alone can’t be all that bad right? Will Angie be as brave as she pretends to be or will Jared’s sexual preferences scare her away? Only time will tell but that time is limit. Maybe if they both let the other in they will find what they have been searching for.

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Angie and Jared grow. Not only must Angie make some hard decisions she finds herself giving her heart away as well. Angie is a strong woman who has been through so much in her life yet every time she is knocked down she gets right back up and brushes herself off. I loved her determination and her guts to try things even when she was afraid. Jared may be a hard man to please but he may have met his match in Angie. He needs to find love just as bad as everyone else. Jared may want things a bit more on the rough side but he is always a caring and watchful Dom. Seeing the two together and watching their reactions makes for one hot read. The two make a great couple. The sparks begin right from the start and quickly turn into a full-blown fire. The love that they share shines through in everything that they do. If only the two could put aside their own fears and embrace what they have.

This is the second book in the series. While it is not necessary to read the first book you will get a better understanding of the characters and their world if you do. I will remind that This book does contain strong sexual interaction and a ménage. I enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing more from this author in the future.