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R.A.V.E.N. by Rebecca Sue Cline

Title: R.A.V.E.N.  (Book 1 in the Vampire Eradication Network Series)

Author: Rebecca Sue Cline

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sighs: 5

Buy Link: http://www.thewildrosepress.com

Wonderful book as a first in a series. You will want to get the next one. Well written,great cover,and great story. You won’t want to put it down.

Raven works for a recon network called VEN,the vampire eradication Network. They hunt vampires and vamp cults and destroy them. They only kill vamps who feed and kill victims. She meets Kael who saves her from vampires. But then starts it all.

Neither Raven or Kael are what they seem and they keep it away from each other.They drug each other,steal information from each other and love each other. Both are Alpha types,both not full human both kill vamps. They get caught up into a huge nest of vamps and with others kill as many as they can. Raven discovers her lost brother who turns out to be a vampire with a large nest of followers. Can she trust anyone? Can she protect her heart? Can she trust Kael? And can she trust her brother. She works hard and has no life of her own but Kael is going to change that and fast. Just once she wants to be able to love and trust someone.

I very highly recommend this book!

Charming Dave by Doreen Alsen

Title:Charming Dave

Author: Doreen Alsen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sighs: 5

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This was a really good book. It touched on a few different things not usually seen in a romance book. It was well written and thought out. I recommend it very highly.

Ainslie was a single mother who was starting her life over after surviving a corrupt husband who stole millions of friends and others money. She moved to protect her three children so they could lead a normal life.

Dave  was the school principal and at first thought Ainslie as a bad waitress and very clumsy. Until he met her at his school regarding her son. One look into her eyes and seeing her smile and he was a goner. He finally was able to get her to go out with him . And the more he got to know her the closer they became and fell in love. He came to love her three children as his own and wanted to protect them from all hurt the same as he wanted to protect Ainslie.

But her children got into some trouble at school or with other students. Her oldest daughter got into the wrong crowd and she dated the star player on the football team. When he tried to basically hurt her and force her to have sex her, brother went to the school and hit  him. The football player had his friends help  beat up Rourk ,the brother , and hurt him very bad.

This book brooch’s on  a lot of topics. Such as a young teenage boy letting those he loves know he’s gay, students being bullies both in school and by phone and internet. Love and the way single mothers have to be sure the man they love can be accepting of her children.

Areally good read for all.

Beneath the Surface by Joya Fields

Title: Beneath the Surface

Author: Joya Fields

Genre: Suspense Romance


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Reviewed by : Jeanette Blose


A dramatic suspense filled book. It has a great romantic theme as well. Well written and thought out suspense. The story is told very well .

Brooke was with some friends when the boat her friends were on exploded. Both her friends we in critical condition or serious condition from the explosion.Brooke was also hurt when someone came to her boat and gave her something to knock her out.

Garrett was a police officer  on the case trying to find out exactly what happened. There was more to all this than met the eye. It was obvious someone had meant to hurt them all.

When talking to Brooke  with the main officers they found out that they had found a metal box with red human hair flowing out of the box.

Garrett was also trying to find his niece who had vanished two months before meeting Brooke.

While doing underwater diving to find the box again,and also attempted murder on both her friends and herself,Brooke and Garrett started falling in love.

Brooke had an artificial leg,but to Garrett it never mattered. But to Brooke it did in a way. She wanted independence and kept trying to say she needed no protection. Garrett of coarse  wanted to protect her.

When they found the box again the threat to Brooke and her friends became even more intense a the hunt for the threat became more intense when the box was brought up.

I very much recommend this book to all types of readers. No matter your genre preference you will enjoy this book.

Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole

Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole

Title: Sand Dollar

Author:Sebastian Cole

Genre:  Romance


reviewed by Jeanette

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This was a wonderful read! I seldom read this type of book but I am so happy I did. It is written with such feeling,so well writen and just grips you. It is a wonderful story full of love gained and love lost. It is so emotional.

Robin is so full of energy and life. She finds wonder in simple things. But has a secret that almost destroys her true love.

Noah is looking for something in his life that “he” wants not what is expected of him or told to do.

They met and fell almost instantly in love.His parents don’t think Robin is good enough for Noah. She has no money,has what they think is a low class job,she is not Jewish.Plus she is a single parent. Noah loves her for who she is not what she should have. They want to get married,but she has to sign a prenup,which she does not want to do. There starts the journey of love gained and lost.They get married and then shortly later divorced. Noah is totally devastated . You need to follow this and see how it turns out. This is a must read for anyone who loves pure romance. Get tissues and something to drink because you will need both.



Title: Crimson Sunrise

Genre: Paranormal

Sighs: 5

Buy Links:    Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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This book has everything! Werewolves,Vampires,Suggestive sex,romance,UN-requited love,danger, were fights. Extremely well written and a great storyline. I enjoyed it so much and read it in one evening. And it is a novel not novella,I just could not put it down. Very suspenseful . I could very easy spoil your reading pleasure  by saying to much about this one. I liked it that much.

Emma and Caleb are in love. But she was in danger,and both hope it is over. The prince of the True Vampires wants her  and intends to have her. As Caleb and Emma try to plan a life together danger has started again. Caleb’s sister Sammie get’s kidnapped as well as other females from the packs. An old love of Emma has been asked to help protect her. But is used against her along with her own parents.The pack tries everything to protect Emma but things happen.

Such a good story and it holds your attention.

I so hope there is a sequel to this because I see two possible story’s in this one.

Candy’s Kisses by Carys Weldon

Name:Candy’s Kisses

Author:Carys Weldon


Buy Link:www.allromanceebooks.com/product-candy039skisses-607626


Candy is a city girl and Levi is a country boy! Oil and water. But they are together. It was love at first site but neither wants to give in entirely .They have so many problems,but always seem to end up kissing and in bed.Levi has been hurt so very bad. Doesn’t believe in love anymore . But then he meets Candy and thru her he starts to laugh and feel again. He get’s mad in someways and yet want’s more of what Candy gives him.He starts to heal. Learns what love is and he want’s it. Correction , he want’s Candy. Candy want’s Levi. But can a city girl really have a chance at love and acceptance from a country boy.Can their worlds collide and survive?

Well written,this novel is sweet,funny,hot sex scenes, funny, has good serious moments and a good plot. My only problem with it was it was not long enough,and needed a few more plot scenes.But all in all I enjoyed it very much. A very good read !

His Soul To Keep

Name: His Soul To Keep

Author: M.Flagg

Genre: Paranormal

Buy Link: www.allromanceebooks.com/product-hissoultokeep-578612

Sighs: 5

This novel makes you want more and more. The scenes in it are so very good. I’m a lover of plots in a book as well as romance. The novel had romance but not graphic scenes , more like a sensual hint!

Michael is a reborn human. He was a vampire who suddenly became a human with no explanation. For years he suffered for the crimes he committed against the human world. But then met a woman who he feel so in love with .She was a Guardian .Someone who he should not have been able to love. But it became a love for all time. His love is Alana,his soul mate for eternity. She stands by his side threw good and bad. Tries to help him learn to be a human as well as her lover again. She tries to help him learn to be a father to his son. A vampire should not be able to have children. But Michael has Lukas,who is mystical,a future Guardian if he chooses. But the relationship is on a very rocky path for some time. Neither understands how to deal with the other. But once they do learn it is a human father and son relationship.

This novel has action,love,acceptance of self and others. It was so well written that I had to read it two times before posting my review.  I highly recommend it if you love a wonderful scifi plot along with your romance! And I sincerely hope there is a book 2 on the way!

Caledonian Privateer by Gail MacMillan


Title: Caledonian Privateer

Author:Gail MacMillan

Genre:Historical Romance

Buy Link:www.thewildrosepress.com


Really enjoyed this book! It has so much I love to read in a book! Drama,romance,history,great theme. Very well written and made me feel as if I was there inside the book.Which is what I love when reading . I want to get away from life when I read. Become the heroin.

Morgan and Emma enter into a pretend marriage. He knows there has to be more to her story and plans to find out. But war broke out and Morgan had to leave. When he comes back to indeed make Emma his a former lover who he had planned to marry came back. The marriage was off as far as Emma was concerned. Then someone decides he wants Emma.

Lot’s of intrigue in this book,twists and turns.Excellent read!

Coming Home by Anna James

Title: Coming Home
Author: Anna James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Buy Link: Coming Home

I loved this book !  It is full of twists and turns about love and life! Love lost,family deception,reunions ,and love lost, love that survives thru all kinds of deceptions.

Christine finds her sister in her lovers arms and runs away. Her sister hates her and tells the one lie that Christine cannot forgive or forget. Christine has know all her life her sister and mother hated her but had no idea how far that hate went.

When Christine returns and decides to finally find out the truth about what really happened the night she ran away. She has also a surprise for her father who had also lost the love of his life long ago.

Both father and daughter had been lied to and hurt by the ones they loved both in romance and family. But have no idea how they have been cheated by the ones they thought loved them. They both find that hate is the other side of love.

The surprise Christine brings home with her will change the lives of both her and her father.

This is a great read ,with mild sex, a freshness to the story that I loved a great deal.

The book is extremely well written. Great Characters and a great love story! I really like the way it goes to the heart of the couples and doesn’t let you know what to expect from them.

5… sighs

In the Cards By Cynthia Selwyn

Title: In the Cards
Author: Cynthia Selwyn
Genre: Erotic contemporary romance
Buy link: In the Cards
4 sighs

Alexandrea Taylor is a romance writer. At a conference she’s asked by her editor to write erotica. Alex doesn’t think she knows how. She certainly can’t imagine how to begin when she can’t even say certain words. Her editor gives her a deck of cards to loosen her up some and help her imagination along.

Then comes Zack O’Connor, Mr. Luscious. Zack, a long time friend is thee alpha male, the one man on which Alex has based her every hero.

Zack, rugged, gorgeous cowboy, turns heads to be sure, but Zack isn’t interested in being a boy toy. He wants one woman, has wanted her for as long as he can remember.

Platonic friends Alex and Zack are sharing a room. Alex can let her hair down with this guy. She tells him her problem. There’s big money in store, but how is she supposed to write up an erotic outline, when she hasn’t got a clue as to where to start. Yes, she has these cards, but…

Zack is willing to help out his friend and Alex agrees that a few days of sex play should do the trick. They are both adults and it’s only sex, after all. What could go wrong?

Ms. Selwyn has the crowds of women at the conference breathless as they watch this man either walk through their midst or work a horse. Equally she leaves the reader as breathless as the fantasy carries them through a playful romp packed full of delicious sexual fun.

A page turner of steamy, sex runs through much of the story and causes the reader some breathless moments as we watch two people fall in love. You won’t be sorry if you pick up this one up. One question. Where the heck can I find this guy?

Reviewed by Patricia Pellicane